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Fetch RSS

Fetch RSS #

This project is a Flutter package developed in Dart that allows you to retrieve a RSS feed and parse it into an object.

How to use #

To use this package, you will need to import it in your Flutter project:

import 'package:fetch_rss/src/models/youtube_rss_model.dart';

Then, you can retrieve the RSS feed for a specific Youtube channel by calling the fetch method and passing in the channel's id:

static String channelId = "YOUR_CHANNEL_ID";
YoutubeRSSModel model = await FetchRSSYoutube.fetch(channelId);

The fetch method returns a YoutubeRSSModel object that contains all the information from the RSS feed, including the channel's title, description, and a list of video items.

Example #

Here is an example of how you could use the fetch method to retrieve and display the channel's title and more in your Flutter app:

YoutubeRSSModel model = await FetchRSSYoutube.fetch(channelId);


You can also iterate through the list of video items to display them in your app:

    itemCount: model.videos.length,
        itemBuilder: (context, index) {
        return Text(model.videos[index].title);

Contributions #

If you would like to contribute to this project, please feel free to submit a pull request. We welcome all contributions and suggestions.