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Base package for fcnui applications. Contains common code for all fcnui applications.

fcnui_base Package for Flutter #

The fcnui_base package for Flutter is a comprehensive collection of dependencies.

Getting started



Dependency Version
redux 5.0.0
flutter_redux 0.10.0
flex_color_scheme 7.3.1
equatable 2.0.5
get_it 7.6.7
flutter_form_builder 9.2.0
form_builder_validators 9.1.0
pluto_grid 7.0.2
http 1.1.0


  • Redux Store: Includes a Redux store with states and actions to manage application themes.
  • ThemeState: Manages theme-related states such as theme mode, flex scheme, and platform theme usage.
  • Actions:
    • ChangeThemeModeAction: Accepts a string representing the theme mode (e.g., ThemeMode.light.name). Default: system.
    • ChangeFlexSchemeAction: Accepts a string representing the flex scheme (e.g., FlexScheme.red.name). Default: greyLaw.
    • ChangeUsePlatformThemeAction: Accepts a boolean value to indicate whether to use the platform's theme from Theme.of(context) for installed components. Default: false.
  • Providers:
    • DefaultStoreProvider: Wrapper used to encompass MaterialApp or CupertinoApp. Important for the proper functioning of components.
    • ThemeProvider: Offers all required ThemeState data and actions to toggle theme mode and change themes.
    • DefaultStoreConnector<T>: Provides a T type of state for Redux store connection.

How to use: #

  • To call a specific action use:
    • ChangeThemeModeAction(themeMode: ThemeMode.light.name).playload();
  • Or can use DefaultStoreConnector<YourVm> and create your ViewModel to dispatch actions. For reference, see ThemeProvider.