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Adds extended functionality to Flutter form widgets.


Flutter extended forms #

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Extends functionality on standard flutter form Widgets: Currently only adds extended functionality to TextFormField.

NOTE: This project is still very much work in progress.

Global Features #

  • Advanced Async/sync validation.
  • Firestore set/update/get integration (WIP).
  • Debounce timers.
  • Convinient static field titles.

Firestore integration features (WIP) #

  • Use firestore value as initial value
  • Automatically set value in firestore with Debounce timer.
  • Trigger set value in firestore with on submit.

TextFormField extended features #

  • Suffix actions - Show multiple suffix icons (with callbacks) based on validation status.
  • Progress indicator - Optionally provide a custom progress widget to display when async validation is in progress.
  • Submit suffix action - Optionally provide a custom 'submit' icon/widget when validation qualifies.
  • Clear suffix action - Optionally provide a custom 'clear' icon/widget when validation does not qualify.

Validation Features #

  • Easily create and use Async/sync validators.
  • Debounce timers.
  • Acccounts for both external and internal validation prior to form submission.
  • Easily specify custom validator message; per validator.

Getting started #

Import the package.

import 'package:extended_forms/extended_forms.dart';

Create some validators with a debounce time.

const validatorDebounceDuration = Duration(seconds: 2);

final validatorsUsername = [
      validator: (String value) => value.length <= 4,
      message: 'Must be longer than 4 characters.',
      isAsync: false),
      validator: (String value) => value.isEmpty,
      message: 'Cannot be empty.',
      isAsync: false),
      validator: asyncValidator,
      message: 'Cannot contiain whitespace.',
      // Specify if is an async valdiator.
      isAsync: true),

// Some long running task simulation.
Future<bool> asyncValidator(String value) async {
  await Future.delayed(const Duration(seconds:3));
  return value.contains(' ');

Usage #

  // A convinience field to easily add a fixed label above.
  labelTop: const Text('Username'),
  // Specify a progress indicator that shows during async validation.
      const LinearProgressIndicator(),
  // Specify an icon for the "submit" suffix action button.
  suffixActionSubmitIcon: const Icon(Icons.check),
  // Specify an icon for the "clear" suffix action button.
  suffixActionClearIcon: const Icon(Icons.clear),
  // Whether to clear the field on submit (doesn't work for onFieldSubmitted).
  suffixActionClearOnSubmit: false,
  // Whether to validate the value before submitting - Evaluates `ExtendedValidator`'s.
  validateBeforeSubmitting: true,
  // The function to call when submit is tapped.
  suffixActionSubmitOnTap: print,
  // A `List` of `ExtendedValidator` to validate against.
  validators: validatorsUsername,
  // Specify a global debounce time for the specified `ExtendedValidator`'s.
  validatorDebounceDuration: validatorDebounceDuration,

Additional information #

Direct contributions, issues and suggestions => here.

Author: Paurini Wiringi

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Adds extended functionality to Flutter form widgets.

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