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This excel localization is project that user can use to generate variable values for using localisation. and manage localization without context.

Excel Localization #

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A tool which automatically generates Flutter localization resources from CSV and Excel files.

This is especially useful as any team member can edit the CSV/Excel file, with the subsequent translations imported into the project via a terminal command. Basic variables (strings and integers) are supported, however neither genders nor plurals are planned to be supported. If you require such functionality, consider using arb_generator.

Note that plugin only works with null safety.

Special thanks for motivation : Click here

Getting Started #

In order to use the excel_localization package, please provide your translations in a CSV or Excel file. For CSV files, delimiters , and ; have been tested to work.

Here you can see samle of csv how user need to arrange data

keys fr en en_GB hi
plainText Bonjour le monde! Hello world! Hello world! हैलो वर्ल्ड!
welcome Bienvenu %name$s! Welcome %name$s! Welcome %name$s! स्वागत%name$s!
favoriteColor Quelle est votre couleur préférée? What is your favorite color? What is your favourite colour? आपका पसंदीदा रंग कौनसा है?

Localizations can be specified for a region by appending the country code.

Add dependency #

    sdk: flutter

Note that excel_localization requires dart sdk >= 2.12.

Define Settings #

Settings for excel_localization must set in your project's pubspec.yaml file. input_file_path is the only required parameter.

  input_file_path: "lang.csv"
  output_dir: "lib"
  file_name: "i18n"
  class_name: "I18n"
  delimiter: ","
  start_index: 1
  depend_on_context: true
  use_single_quotes: false
  replace_no_break_spaces: false
  expose_get_string: false
  expose_loca_strings: false
  expose_locale_maps: false
  generate_comments: false
  comment_languages: []
Setting Default Description
input_file_path N/A Required. A path to the input CSV/Excel file.
output_dir lib A directory to generate the output file.
file_name i18n A filename for the generated file.
class_name I18n A class name for the generated file.
delimiter , CSV files only: a delimited to separate columns in the input CSV file.
start_index 1 The column index where translations begin (i.e. column index of default language).
depend_on_context true Whether the generated localizations should depend on BuildContext
use_single_quotes false Whether the generated file should use single or double quotes for strings.
replace_no_break_spaces false Whether no break spaces (\u00A0) should be replaced with normal spaces (\u0020).
expose_get_string false The default value for whether a getString method should be exposed.
expose_loca_strings false The default value for whether a locaStrings getter should be exposed.
expose_locale_maps false The default value for whether a localeMaps getter should be exposed.
generate_comments false Whether documentation comments should be used to display translations.
comment_languages [] Languages that are displayed in the comments. Empty -> All languages are used.

Run package #

Make sure that your current working directory is the project root.

flutter pub get
flutter pub run excel_localization

Update iOS Info.plist #

For iOS, ios/Runner/Info.plist needs to be updated with an array of the languages that the app will supports:


For more information, see Internationalizing Flutter apps.

Use the i18n generated file #

The package used your input file in order to generate a file named file_name in output_dir you provided. The following example uses the default class_name I18n with a dependency on BuildContext.

Firstly, add the I18nDelegate to your delegates:

class MyApp extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return MaterialApp(
   navigatorKey: I18n.languageKey, //<== This is require if you like to call words without context
      localizationsDelegates: [

        const I18nDelegate(),
      supportedLocales: I18nDelegate.supportedLocals,
      home: Home(),

Then use the generated I18n class!

class Home extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(
      appBar: AppBar(
        title: Text('excel localization sample"'),
      body: Center(
        child: Column(
          children: <Widget>[
            Text(I18n.of(context).welcome(name: 'Simran')),
			// To access variable without con the way is given below just replace of(context) to translate keyword
			// Make sure you add navigatorkey parameter in MaterialApp or GetMaterialApp
            Text(I18n.translate.welcome(name: 'Simran')),

Please see example for more information.

Material Localizations #

Supporting a language (i.e. ga or cy) not included in GlobalMaterialLocalizations requires adding a material localization class and delegate. Although this is out of the scope of this package, a warning is logged to the console during code generation. More info.

Rules and functionalities #

Locale #

Locales are specified in the top row and are expected to be given in the form en or en_US.

Default language #

The column at start_index is considered the default language. This means that:

  1. If this column does not have a value, the loca key instead will be used.
  2. If another language does not have translations for a given key, the value of the default language will be used.

Keys #

Each loca key must begin with a lowercase letter, after which any combinations of lowercase, uppercase, digits or underscores are valid.

Variables #

In order to include variables in loca strings, they need to be written in the format %<VAR NAME>$<VAR TYPE>. Presently only integers and strings are supported as variable types.

  • %myVariable$d (d stands for an int)
  • %myVariable$s (s stands for a String)

All variables are required. Consider the key welcome from example. The generated function signature is

String welcome({
  required String name,

Note that if the variable's name starts with a number, the generated variable name will be var<VAR NAME>. So, for instance, %1$d would become var1.

You can also watch youtube Video to understand this plugin #

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This excel localization is project that user can use to generate variable values for using localisation. and manage localization without context.

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