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Mecanism for filtering events.


event_filter #

Mechanism for filtering events.

Usage #

Main classes:

  1. Error implementation: Error event
  2. Error implementation: Default error event filter
  3. Error implementation: Default error event filter strategy
  4. Error implementation: Default error event strategy
  5. Error implementation: Default error event strategy provider
  6. Event
  7. Factory of event filter strategy
  8. Factory of event strategy
  9. Event strategy
  10. Event filter strategy
  11. Event strategy provider
  12. Event filter

Event #

Base class for any event.

Event Strategy #

A strategy of processing event. That is mean we implement there how we react to event.

Event Filter Strategy #

A strategy of filtering event. If event has been pass through the filter, the strategy will return that event, else return null. Inside it we must solve will we react to event or not.

Strategy factory #

Both are EventStrategyFactory and EventFilterStrategyFactory return strategy by event. It will be select by event type from map. If map not contain this event type, default strategy will be return.

Event Filter #

It can be used for filtering events. Events must be passed to filter function. Filter get from factory necessary strategy of filtering and use it for this event.

Event strategy provider #

This behaviour solve what will happen when event will. It get strategy by the factory and use it for this event.

Error implementation #

This implementation of reaction and filtering error event. More details of using it you can look in example.

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Mecanism for filtering events.

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