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A fast & simple email authentication OTP sender and verification flutter package.

Welcome to Email OTP: Your Fast and Simple Email Authentication OTP Solution! #

Email OTP is a Flutter package designed to simplify email authentication through one-time passwords (OTPs). With Email OTP, you can effortlessly generate OTPs and send them to your users' email addresses, ensuring secure identity verification.

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Table of Contents #

‣ Getting Started #

To get started, import the email_otp package in your Flutter project:

import 'package:email_otp/email_otp.dart';

‣ Usage #

Initialize the EmailOTP class:

EmailOTP myAuth = EmailOTP();

‣ Configuration #

Configure your OTP authentication settings using the setConfig method:

    appEmail: "",
    appName: "Email OTP",
    userEmail: email.text,
    otpLength: 6,
    otpType: OTPType.digitsOnly
  1. appEmail: Your personal or company email address, visible to clients when they receive OTPs.
  2. appName: Your app's name, displayed to clients in the email.
  3. userEmail: The recipient's email address where the OTP needs to be sent.
  4. otpLength: The length of the OTP (e.g., 6 digits).
  5. otpType: Choose from OTPType.digitsOnly, OTPType.stringOnly, or OTPType.mixed for different OTP formats.

‣ Customizing Email Templates (Optional) #

You can customize your email template using the setTemplate method. If not used, the default template provided by Email OTP will be used.

var template = 'YOUR HTML CODE HERE';
    render: template 

In your HTML, use placeholders like {{app_name}} and {{otp}} to display the app name and OTP. For example:

Thank you for choosing {{app_name}}. Your OTP is {{otp}}.

‣ Configuring Custom SMTP (Optional) #

Configure your SMTP settings using the setSMTP method if you want to send OTPs from a custom email address. Make sure your SMTP credentials are correct. Test your SMTP configuration at

    host: "",
    auth: true,
    username: "",
    password: "*************",
    secure: "TLS",
    port: 576
  1. host: Your SMTP hostname.
  2. auth: Boolean (true/false) indicating if SMTP authentication is required.
  3. username: Your SMTP email address.
  4. password: Your SMTP email password.
  5. secure: Choose from "TLS" or "SSL" for secure connections.
  6. port: Port number of your SMTP email server.

‣ Email Theme #

We already have a few good and beautiful email templates. To assign a theme, you need to use the setTheme method with the parameter of the theme version. If you do not use this function, it will automatically take the latest theme.

Theme Parameter Theme Design

‣ Sending and Verifying OTPs #

Use the following methods to send and verify OTPs:

‣ Sending OTP #

await myAuth.sendOTP();

‣ Verifying OTP #

var inputOTP = 987654; // OTP entered by the client after receiving the email
await myAuth.verifyOTP(
    otp: inputOTP

‣ Complete Example #

Find a complete example in the Email OTP package documentation.

‣ Reporting Bugs or Issues #

Feel free to open a ticket on GitHub if you encounter any problems. We also welcome new ideas and suggestions.

Copyright © 2023 Rohit Chouhan. Licensed under the MIT LICENSE.

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A fast & simple email authentication OTP sender and verification flutter package.

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