A fast & simple email authentication OTP sender and verification flutter package. It generates an OTP on the recipient's email which can be used to verify their identity.

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import 'package:email_otp/email_otp.dart';


Class Initialization

 EmailOTP myauth = EmailOTP();

setConfig() this function will config your OTP authentication.

    appEmail: "me@rohitchouhan.com",
    appName: "Email OTP",
    userEmail: email.text,
    otpLength: 6,
    otpType: OTPType.digitsOnly
  1. appEmail is your personal or company email, so client we see this mail when they receive OTP.
  2. appName is your app name, client will received mail with this name.
  3. userEmail property where OTP need to sent.
  4. otpLength is the length of OTP.
  5. otpType OTPType.digitsOnly, OTPType.stringOnly, OTPType.mixed

setSMTP() (new)

this function will config your SMTP to send OTP from custom email address, make sure your SMTP credentials are correct, test your SMTP from www.smtper.net

    host: "smtp.rohitchouhan.com",
    auth: true,
    username: "email-otp@rohitchouhan.com",
    password: "*************",
    secure: "TLS",
    port: 576
  1. host is your SMTP Hostname
  2. auth is your SMTP Email authetication required or not
  3. username is your SMTP Email Address
  4. password is your SMTP Email Password
  5. secure TLS or SSL
  6. port is port number of your SMTP Email Server

sendOTP() this function will send OTP, and return boolean

await myauth.sendOTP();

verifyOTP() this function will verify OTP, and return boolean. this method must have one parameter for OTP, which is enter by client.

var inputOTP = 987654; //which is entered by client, after receive mail
await myauth.verifyOTP(
  otp: inputOTP

See Complete Example

Code : https://pub.dev/packages/email_otp/example

Report bugs or issues

You are welcome to open a ticket on github if any problems arise. New ideas are always welcome.

Copyright and License

Copyright © 2023 Rohit Chouhan. Licensed under the MIT LICENSE.