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effortless_firebase_auth A new Flutter package.

Firebase Auth-

The purpose of the library is to provide you with a complete SignIn-SignUp Flow Solution with email verification, forgot password and google sign in while at the same time allowing you add other auth providers like Facebook in a really easy fashion. #

To learn how to save you hours of time by not reinventing the wheel of authentication check out the usage of the package in an organized manner at https://awesome11activity.gitbook.io/effortless-auth/

The Capabilities are as follows #

Auth providers✔️Support Google Auth out of the box Providers (Facebook, Microsoft could be added easily)
Password reset✔️Out of the Box
Email confirmation✔️Out of the Box
Error Handling✔️Good support for error handling. Error message could be customized with ease.
Adaptive layouts✔️Adaptive layouts to support multiple screen sizes. sizes