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Generate a ColorScheme with Material 3 dynamic color by processing a CorePalette.

M3 Dynamic Palette Generator #

The official dynamic_color package by the Material Team does not allow us to use CorePalette that it returns from the system directly as a ColorScheme. This package is meant to provide a utility to work around this by generating a ColorScheme based on official Material 3 Docs.

NOTE: This package HAS to be used along with dynamic_color. #

/// [m3Light] and [m3Dark] will be generated for use on Android S+.
  ColorScheme? m3Light;
  ColorScheme? m3Dark;

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    /// fallback color schemes [light] and [dark].
    /// here, we're using the default Flutter schemes.
    ColorScheme light = const ColorScheme.light();
    ColorScheme dark = const ColorScheme.dark();

    /// to use this plugin, you need a [CorePalette] which is given by the dynamic_color package's [DynamicColorBuilder] widget.
    /// simply use it with material_color_utilities (exposes the [CorePalette] class) and if [palette] is != null, then generate the appropriate M3 dynamic color palette.
    return DynamicColorBuilder(builder: (CorePalette? palette) {
      if (palette != null) {
        m3Light = DynamicColorScheme.generate(palette, dark: false);
        m3Dark = DynamicColorScheme.generate(palette, dark: true);

      /// since this takes a small amount of time to complete (uses a PlatformChannel, so it's asynchronous), to avoid a null error we need to pass in the fallback until [m3Light] and [m3Dark] are ready.
      /// if the scheme is never generated, continue to use the fallback.
      return MaterialApp(
          theme: m3Light == null
              ? ThemeData(colorScheme: light)
              : ThemeData(colorScheme: m3Light),
          darkTheme: m3Dark == null
              ? ThemeData(colorScheme: dark)
              : ThemeData(colorScheme: m3Dark),
          debugShowCheckedModeBanner: false,
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Generate a ColorScheme with Material 3 dynamic color by processing a CorePalette.



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