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Data dump of Dungeon World classes, moves, equipment, and more. Also mirrored as NPM package.

Dungeon World Data #

This dart package contains data for Dungeon World, such as classes, moves, spells, equipment, etc.

Homebew classes included:

  • Immolator
  • Barbarian.

How to use #

After importing, access dungeonWorld to access the entire data structure. There is more information in the doc directory.

Available data #

basicMovesList<Move>Dungeon World's basic moves, such as Hack & Slash, Defy Danger, etc.
specialMovesList<Move>Dungeon World's special moves, such as Make Camp, Take Watch, etc.
classesList<PlayerClass>All of Dungeon World's classes, plus some homebrews. See PlayerClass class for a full description of the usable properties.
equipmentList<Equipment>Dungeon World's main list of items.
spellsList<Spell>Dungeon World's main spellbook list. Each class can have its own spells list, see PlayerClass in the docs for more information.
monstersList<Monster>Dungeon World's main monster list.
tagsList<Tag>List of all basic tags, along with descriptions.

There is also a Dice class, with simple dice rolling functionality for your use.

Credits #

Credits to ~vindexus who created https://www.npmjs.com/package/dungeonworld-data. The data is from there, this package simply wraps it up for Dart.

Contributing #

  1. Make your changes
  2. Run tests, and add new tests if appropriate. Make sure nothing breaks.
  3. Create a PR, explain what your changes do.
  4. Profit!
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Data dump of Dungeon World classes, moves, equipment, and more. Also mirrored as NPM package.

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