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A Mumble transport client framework supporting multiple Mumble features such as fully encrypted udp transport or user management

[0.8.9] - 10.08.2021 #

  • Fixed a bug where if joining a server and someone was already talking, the audio was missed

[0.8.8] - 30.07.2021 #

  • Fixed a bug in conjunction with the usage of Stream.timeout introduced in 0.8.6

[0.8.7] - 29.07.2021 #

  • Created AudioFrame.outgoing as dedicated constructor for outgoing audio frames

[0.8.6] - 29.07.2021 #

  • Depend on dart >= 2.13 so we can use the new Stream.timeout and improved the audio stream timeout detection introduced in 0.8.5
  • Made AudioFrame.sequenceNumber part of the public API
  • Introduced ConnectionOptions.pingTimeout and throwing a TimeoutException now if it is violated
  • Changed and documented error handling better
    • PermissionDeniedException are no longer thrown but delivered by a callback, since a mumble server will continue to server a client, even if the client did something that resulted in a permission error

[0.8.5] - 19.07.2021 #

[0.8.4] - 13.07.2021 #

  • Fixed a bug where closeing a client multiple times causes an exception

[0.8.3] - 12.07.2021 #

  • Fixed a bug where actions on a user (e.g. muting) targeted self instead

[0.8.2] - 11.07.2021 #

  • Some typos
  • Fixed a bug where all changes on a user (e.g. comment) were also detected as channel changes

[0.8.1] - 19.06.2021 #

  • Minor internal fixes

[0.8.0] - 19.06.2021 #

  • Null safety (but not as great as it could be)
    • See the README.md why futher null safety refinements are desired
  • Targeting Mumble 1.4
  • API changes
    • Most notably the connection process is now more dart like by utilizing a static connect method, just like Socket.connect
    • For some types we now differntiate between incoming and outgoing direction because they have different requirements on when a field can be null
    • Also, the typo in the Selfe type was corrected, so the types new name is Self now
  • Internal structure changes
  • Some big files where split up into multiple files, at the cost of more @protected and hide directives. This structural change allows us to define the following convention: The file that declares a type is responsible for constructing it from a proto message.This makes it easier to check the proto messages fields for allowed values since everything is structured more clearly.
  • Additional bug fixes

[0.7.2] - 03.08.2020 #

  • Implemented already complete guard for AudioFrameSink

[0.7.0] - 04.07.2020 #

  • Worked on documentation
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Overhauled examples
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A Mumble transport client framework supporting multiple Mumble features such as fully encrypted udp transport or user management

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