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This package allows you to crawl the DSB/DSBMobile API and parse Untis's HTML.

dsbuntis #

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This package allows you to crawl DSB's "Mobile API" and parse Untis's HTML.

Usage #

The one-stop function provided by this package is getAllSubs. You can call it like this:

final plans = await getAllSubs('187801', 'public');

Lower-level APIs #

For everything more advanced than the optional arguments of getAllSubs, you will have to reach into the lower-level APIs of the dsb and untis packages. Please consult their documentation for details.

To log in, you call Session.login:

final session = await Session.login('187801', 'public');

To use an existing token, you pass it to the Session constructor:

final session = Session('13ccccbb-e6a8-466a-addc-00bba830c6cf');

Then you can get the timetable information:

final timetables = await session.getTimetables();

And download and parse the plans, with the dsbuntis Downloading extension:

final plans = await session.downloadAndParsePlans(timetables);

Caching and best practices #

A very important feature in dsbuntis from the beginning has been good caching. For documentation on how to set it up for the actual requests, please refer to the schttp documentation, as it is the HTTP backend of dsbuntis. In recent versions, however, you can aditionally cache the Session objects from dsb. AFAIK the login of DSBMobile is idempotent (as indicated by it being a GET request) and always returns the same token. If it is, which you can safely assume by now, you can cache the Session's token forever. Otherwise you can still keep the Session object around for a while.

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This package allows you to crawl the DSB/DSBMobile API and parse Untis's HTML.

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