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A static HTTP file server for easy local hosting of a directory.

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A simple HTTP server that can serve up any directory, built with Dart. Inspired by python -m SimpleHTTPServer.

Install #

Use the dart pub global command to install this into your system.

$ dart pub global activate dhttpd

Use #

If you have modified your PATH, you can run this server from any local directory.

$ dhttpd

Otherwise you can use the dart pub global command.

$ dart pub global run dhttpd

Here's an example of creating a web app and then running it with this server:

$ dart create -t web-simple web-app
$ cd web-app
$ dart pub get
$ dart run build_runner build -o build
$ dhttpd --path build/web/  # Serves app at http://localhost:8080

Configure #

$ dhttpd --help
-p, --port=<port>          The port to listen on.
                           (defaults to "8080")
    --path=<path>          The path to serve. If not set, the current directory is used.
    --headers=<headers>    HTTP headers to apply to each response. header=value;header2=value
    --host=<host>          The hostname to listen on.
                           (defaults to "localhost")
-h, --help                 Displays the help.
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A static HTTP file server for easy local hosting of a directory.

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