Gets the device locale data, independent of the app locale settings.


import 'package:devicelocale/devicelocale.dart';


List languages = await Devicelocale.preferredLanguages;
String locale = await Devicelocale.currentLocale;

this should return a list of the preferred/current language locales setup on the device, with the current one being the first in the list or just the currently set device locale.

Android specific implementation (no-op on other platforms)

Added per-app language preferences for Android ( You can check if your current device is supported isLanguagePerAppSettingSupported And after checking if your device is supported you can set the per-app language preference with setLanguagePerApp(Locale) this will return true if success

Note for Linux

Since GNU/Linux and POSIX doesn't provide a standard API for getting the preferred languages, Devicelocale.preferredLanguages always returns the current locale.


Sept 2023

merged pull request for compatibility with AGP 8

Feb 2023

Added 2 new functions for this iOS issue

  • defaultLocale
  • defaultAsLocale

July 2022

Added support for per-app language preferences on Android ( You can now set the per-app language if you have an in app language picker. Updated the demo app

May 2022

Merged pull requests

Oct 2021

Updated the code and APIs used by Flutter for an Android plugin - this was the source of the Deprecated API warning in the Android build.

July 2021

Add beta support for Linux

March 2021

Added test support for web

Updated for null safety

Jul 2020 Locale update v0.3.1

This is an update from a received request, where prior to 0.3.1 the 2 methods:

  • preferredLanguages
  • currentLocale

returned string values.

There are now 2 equivilent methods

  • preferredLanguagesAsLocales
  • currentAsLocale

that now also return a Locale object rather than a string.


  • March 2021 1.0.0 Updated to null safety

  • July 2020 0.3.0 Updated Android to support Android Embedding V2

  • Apr 2020 0.2.3 Updated Android code from contributions from @ened

  • Mar 2020 0.2.2 Updated iOS so that if detected locale is null then it is not included in return value

  • Sep 2019 0.2.0 Updated Android following feedback from . Fallback to the currentLocale when attempting to get a list of locales fro Android 7 and below as the getLocales() call is a feature of API 24 and failed for Android 7 and below.

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