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Official Deckweiss linting rules for Flutter.

Deckweiss lint rules #

This package provides the Dart and Flutter lint rules used by Deckweiss🧡

It is highly influenced by very_good_analysis with a few small customizations.

Usage #

To use this package simply add deckweiss_lints to the dev_dependencies of your projects's pubspec.yaml file:

  deckweiss_lints: ^2.0.1

This could also be done by calling:

flutter pub add deckweiss_lints --dev

Then simply include it in your analysis_options.yaml file.

# If you want to use the latest available deckweiss_lints ruleset
include: package:deckweiss_lints/deckweiss_lints.yaml

# If you want to use a specific version of the deckweiss_lints ruleset
include: package:deckweiss_lints/deckweiss_lints.2.0.1.yaml

Excluded files #

  • /**.g.dart
  • /**.freezed.dart