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A package for tracking Datadog sessions in a webview

Overview #

This package is an extension to the datadog_flutter_plugin. It allows Real User Monitoring to monitor web views and eliminate blind spots in your hybrid Flutter applications.

Instrumenting your web views #

The RUM Flutter SDK provides APIs for you to control web view tracking when using the webview_flutter package.

Add both the datadog_webview_tracking package and the webview_flutter package to your pubspec.yaml:

  webview_flutter: ^4.0.4
  datadog_flutter_plugin: ^1.3.0
  datadog_webview_tracking: ^1.0.0

To add Web View Tracking, call the trackDatadogEvents extension method on WebViewController, providing the list of allowed hosts.

For example:

import 'package:datadog_flutter_plugin/datadog_flutter_plugin.dart';
import 'package:datadog_webview_tracking/datadog_webview_tracking.dart';

webViewController = WebViewController()

Note that JavaScriptMode.unrestricted is required for tracking to work on Android.