This package is an extension to the datadog_flutter_plugin. It allows Real User Monitoring to monitor web views and eliminate blind spots in your hybrid Flutter applications.

Instrumenting your web views

The RUM Flutter SDK provides APIs for you to control web view tracking when using the webview_flutter package.

Add both the datadog_webview_tracking package and the webview_flutter package to your pubspec.yaml:

  webview_flutter: ^4.0.4
  datadog_flutter_plugin: ^1.3.0
  datadog_webview_tracking: ^1.0.0

To add Web View Tracking, call the trackDatadogEvents extension method on WebViewController, providing the list of allowed hosts.

For example:

import 'package:datadog_flutter_plugin/datadog_flutter_plugin.dart';
import 'package:datadog_webview_tracking/datadog_webview_tracking.dart';

webViewController = WebViewController()

Note that JavaScriptMode.unrestricted is required for tracking to work on Android.