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Dash Bubble is a flutter plugin that allows you to create a floating bubble on the screen.

2.0.0 #

Breaking Changes #

  • chore: 🚚 rename requestPermission() method to requestOverlayPermission().
  • chore: 🚚 rename hasPermission() method to hasOverlayPermission().
  • chore: 🚚 rename options parameter in startBubble() method to bubbleOptions.
  • feat: ✨ add notificationOptions parameter to startBubble() method and move the notification options from bubbleOptions to the new notificationOptions. 🛂 starting from Android 13 (Tiramisu), the service notification will not be shown unless the POST_NOTIFICATIONS permission is granted at the runtime, refer to 🔔 Service Notification Section in the README file

Other Changes #

  • build: ⬆️ bump the native dependency version to v5.3.0
  • build: 🔧 applied some refactoring and migration to the native code
  • refactor: 👔 update the service notification logic, refer to 🔔 Service Notification Section in the README file
  • feat: ✨ add new options to customize the notification, which are id, channelId, and channelName
  • refactor: ♻️ separate notification options from the bubble options
  • docs: 📝 update the documentation

1.0.0 #

  • Breaking: chore: 🚚 rename onBubbleTap() callback to onTap() in startBubble() method
  • Breaking: feat: ✨ convert the values of startLocationX and startLocationY to be in density-independent pixels (dp) instead of pixels (px) as per Flutter convention
  • build: ⬆️ bump native dependency version to v0.5.0
  • feat: ✨ add 3 new parameters to the bubble options (opacity, closeBehavior, and distanceToClose)
  • feat: ✨ implement the rest of the available callbacks onTapDown(x, y), onTapUp(x, y), and onMove(x ,y) with refactor to the native code
  • feat: ✨ Adopt pixel-independent values for all the measurements from now on as per Flutter convention
  • chore: 🥅 add some assertions to BubbleOptions for more robustness
  • style: ✏️ fix the spacing in the logged error messages
  • chore: 🙈 remove some temporarily ignored files from .gitignore
  • docs: 📝 update the documentation

0.0.2 #

  • build: ⬆️ upgrade the version of the native dependency
  • fix: 🐛 crash when start bubble immediately from background after exiting permission request
  • feat: ✨ update the plugin behavior to return false in all the methods if the platform is not Android
  • chore: 🏷️ change int parameters in bubble_options to be double
  • refactor: 🔒 hide private libraries from the api
  • refactor: 🚚 ERROR_CODE -> ERROR_TAG in constants at kotlin code
  • docs: 💡 power up the example with custom bubble icon
  • docs: 📝 improve the documentation

0.0.1 #

  • Initial release 🎉
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Dash Bubble is a flutter plugin that allows you to create a floating bubble on the screen.

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