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A dart wrapper for using the Twitter API with well documented interfaces for every endpoint.

A Dart wrapper for the Twitter API #

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This dart package provides a well documented wrapper for the Twitter API.

Why use this package? #

To make the usage as convenient and comfortable as possible, this package provides interfaces for the various endpoints of the Twitter API. Documentation for each request is available as dart docs and each request's parameters can be changed as named parameters.

The various data structures returned by Twitter are parsed into data models in an isolate.

Example usage #


Twitter API key #

Get your Twitter API key here.

Features #

Implemented endpoints #

An API endpoint is considered 'implemented' when a method for it exists in the package. Once implemented, the request parameters can be set through named parameters and the response will be parsed into a data object for maximum convenience.

Find a list of implemented endpoints here.

If an API endpoint is not yet implemented, a request can be made to that endpoint by manually using the TwitterClient from the TwitterApi object.

See Making a custom request to the Twitter API for an example.

For an example of uploading media files to Twitter, see Attaching media to a Tweet.

Development #

Contribution #

I appreciate any contributions to this package. Any not yet implemented endpoints can be added similarly to the other implementations. Please make sure dartanalyzer doesn't report any problems before opening a pull request.

Miscellaneous #

  • To generate json_serializable models
    • pub run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs
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A dart wrapper for using the Twitter API with well documented interfaces for every endpoint.

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