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Dart ffi bindings to the tinydtls library.

dart_tinydtls #

Dart ffi bindings to the tinydtls library. Provides wrappers for both a DTLS client and server.

Generating the bindings #

  1. Clone the repository and initialize its submodules (i.e. git submodule update --init --recursive).
  2. Generate the bindings using dart run ffigen.
    • You may need to change the compiler-opts option in pubspec.yaml to match your system's location of corresponding header files for stddef.h and so on.
  3. There are exactly two warnings which can be ignored:
    1. Removed All Struct Members from dtls_handshake_parameters_t(dtls_handshake_parameters_t), Bit Field members not supported.
      • The struct dtls_handshake_parameters_t won't be used by library clients, so the fact that it's opaque in the bindings can safely be ignored.
    2. Generated declaration '__socklen_t' start's with '_' and therefore will be private.
      • Similarly, it won't cause any problems for __socklen_t to be private.

License #

Matching the license of the tinydtls C library, this library is made available both under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0 and 3-Clause BSD License (which the Eclipse Distribution License v1.0 that is used for tinydtls is based on). Additionally, the tinydtls C library contains third party code that might be included in compiled binaries that link to tinydtls. For information on third-party code and its licenses, see https://github.com/eclipse/tinydtls/blob/develop/ABOUT.md. See https://github.com/eclipse/tinydtls/blob/develop/LICENSE for more information on the tinydtls licensing terms and https://www.eclipse.org/legal/eplfaq.php for more information on the EPL 1.0.

Note: This binding is neither supported nor endorsed by the Eclipse Foundation.

Maintainers #

This project is currently maintained by the following developers:

Name Email Address GitHub Username
Jan Romann jan.romann@uni-bremen.de JKRhb
Falko Galperin falko1@uni-bremen.de falko17
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Dart ffi bindings to the tinydtls library.

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