dart_lua_ffi 0.0.1-dev.1
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A run Lua in dart

Features #

use dart ffi link lua dynamic lib

Getting started #

there is no dynamic link library file containing lua here

need users to download

version 5.4 is currently supported here

Usage #

    final assetsPath="assets/";
    final luaFFI = LuaFFI(dynamicLibraryPath: "${assetsPath}lua54.dll");
    final lp = luaFFI.luaLNewState();
    luaFFI.luaLLoadString(lp, "print(\"HelloWorld I'm Lua\")".toNativeUtf8());
    luaFFI.luaPcallK(lp, 0, -1, 0, LUA_MULTRET, 0);

Check the example folder in the warehouse and place the required Lua dynamic link file in the assets folder to run the example

Additional information #

There are two assets files

In the test folder and example folder respectively

To run the code, place the lua dll file in these two folders

This is a simple and concise use of dart ffi api call lua dynamic lib file to run lua, so please modify and add link lua dynamic lib code as needed