use dart ffi link lua dynamic lib

Getting started

there is no dynamic link library file containing lua here

need users to download

version 5.4 is currently supported here


    final assetsPath="assets/";
    final luaFFI = LuaFFI(dynamicLibraryPath: "${assetsPath}lua54.dll");
    final lp = luaFFI.luaLNewState();
    luaFFI.luaLLoadString(lp, "print(\"HelloWorld I'm Lua\")".toNativeUtf8());
    luaFFI.luaPcallK(lp, 0, -1, 0, LUA_MULTRET, 0);

Check the example folder in the warehouse and place the required Lua dynamic link file in the assets folder to run the example

Additional information

There are two assets files

In the test folder and example folder respectively

To run the code, place the lua dll file in these two folders

This is a simple and concise use of dart ffi api call lua dynamic lib file to run lua, so please modify and add link lua dynamic lib code as needed


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