dart_chromecast 0.1.2

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Cast videos to your ChromeCast device

dart_chromecast #

Dart package to play videos to a chromecast device

This package is currently under development and the API can change completely at some point. Use at your own risk.

Simplified port of https://github.com/thibauts/node-castv2-client.

Originally designed to work in Flutter with the flutter_mdns_plugin https://github.com/terrabythia/flutter_mdns_plugin, so this cli project does not include a mdns browser, you should find out what the local ip address and port of your ChromeCast is yourself.

See https://github.com/terrabythia/flutter_chromecast_example for an example implementation in Flutter of both the flutter_mdns_plugin and this repository.

options #

media space separated list of one or more media source urls

host IP address of a ChromeCast device in the same network that you are on.

port (optional) port of the ChromeCast device. Defaults to 8009.

flags #

--append (-a) whether to append the passed in media to the current playlist and not replace the current playlist (if reconnecting was successful). Defaults to false.
--debug (-d) whether to show all info logs, defaults to false.

usage #

dart index.dart <media> --host <host> --port <port> [--append]

playback control #

In this demo the following keys can be used to control the playback of the video:

space toggle paused state
s stop playback
esc disconnect device
left arrow key seek -10 seconds
right arrow key seek +10 seconds

example #

dart index.dart http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/gtv-videos-bucket/sample/ForBiggerFun.mp4 --debug --host=

reconnecting to active session #

When you exit the command line without disconnecting the device, the video will keep playing. To reconnect without messing with the current playlist, just run the command without any media urls. Eg:

dart index.dart --host=