dart2ts 0.9.15

Dart 2 incompatible

A better interface for TS


Dart2TS is a dart1.x to typescript compiler.

Usage #

Install the tool :

pub global activate dart2ts

Launch it:

dart2ts build <path_to_your_dart_package>

Package Requirements #

The package to translate should be in strong mode with all the dependencies resolved.

The stronger it is the better dart2ts can understand it and translate it.

Details #

Dart2TS is a new approach of developing with Dart. You can write actual dart code and have it translated to effective typescript code. From there you can continue writing in dart or switch to typescript.

The main advantages of using dart2ts instead of the traditional dart2js or dartdevc compilers is a better integration with the javascript / typescript / nodejs ecosystem.

You can end up writing nodejs packages or webpack application using dart.

What is working #

Pretty much every constructs from dart1.x:

  • named constructors
  • factory constructors
  • async await
  • generators
  • named parameters

Help #

If you want to help you're welcome. These are some of the things that needs some helps:

  • improve code coverage
  • test
  • improve incremental building
  • port to dart2.0

Dart core libraries #

Dart core libraries (dart:core, dart:async) are been ported to typescript and are available here.

In order to access dart2ts node packages you'll have add the following registers to your configuration:

npm config set @dart2ts.packages:registry=https://npm.dart-polymer.com
npm config set @dart2ts:registry=https://npm.dart-polymer.com