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All my flutter custom components that I build.

pub package

Custom Components #

My Flutter's custom component that i build.

Feature and components #

Package nameDescriptionExampleIsDone
CTextRender new text-widget also with tranlations.N/Ax
CImageNew Image-widget include lazy-loading also cache images.N/AYES
CChipsNew Chips-widget built for selection usage.N/Ax
CDropdownNew Dropdown-widge built for query usage.N/Ax
CLoadingNew Loading Widget built for Logo and CircularProgressIndicator.N/Ax
CLazyLoadingListViewListView Pagable infinite scrolling.N/Ax
CLikeRender new favorite or like button.N/Ax

Todos #

  • [x] Publish to pub.
  • [x] Example, Tutorials, Guide and Preview each widget.
    • [x] CImage.
    • Other still remain.
  • [x] Testing each widget.
    • [x] CImages.
    • Other still remain.
  • [x] Add CI/CD.
    • [x] Automatic publish to pub via CI.
    • [ ] CI to test widget to pull and push.

Authors #