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A flutter package that implements a Controller for currency text input.

currency_textfield #

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A Controller for currency text input


Install #

Follow this guide

Usage #

Import the library

import 'package:currency_textfield/currency_textfield.dart';

Create the Controller

CurrencyTextFieldController controller = CurrencyTextFieldController()

Parameters and getters #

Currency Symbol, Decimal and Thousand separator #

It's possible to customize currencySymbol, decimalSymbol and thousandSymbol:

var controller = CurrencyTextFieldController(currencySymbol: "RR", decimalSymbol: ".", thousandSymbol: ",");

Get double value and get int value #

To get the number value from controller, you can use both the doubleValue or the intValue properties:

//Double value:
final double val = controller.doubleValue;
//Int value:
final int val = controller.intValue;

Initial value #

You can initialize the controller using a int or a double, but not both at the same time. To make this, just use initDoubleValue or initIntValue:

final CurrencyTextFieldController controller2 = CurrencyTextFieldController(initDoubleValue: 10);
final CurrencyTextFieldController controller3 = CurrencyTextFieldController(initIntValue: 1000);

// this will raise an error!
final CurrencyTextFieldController controller4 = CurrencyTextFieldController(initIntValue: 1000,initDoubleValue: 10);

Position of the symbol and separator #

You can decide if the symbol will be before or after the number. To make this, just use currencyOnLeft:

// default with the currency before the number
final CurrencyTextFieldController controller = CurrencyTextFieldController();

// currency after the number
final CurrencyTextFieldController controller2 = CurrencyTextFieldController(currencyOnLeft: false);

And also define the separator between the symbol and the value with currencySeparator:

// the default value is a single space
final CurrencyTextFieldController controller = CurrencyTextFieldController(currencySeparator: ' -> ');

Block the user from setting negative numbers #

Just set enableNegative to false

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A flutter package that implements a Controller for currency text input.

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