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crop_your_image helps your app to embed Widgets for cropping images.

crop_your_image #

A flutter plugin that provides Crop widget for cropping images.

Image Cropping Preview

Philosophy #

crop_your_image provides flexible and custamizable Crop widget that can be placed at anywhere in your well designed apps.

As Crop is a simple widget displaying minimum cropping UI, Crop can be placed anywhere such as, for example, occupying entire screen, at top half of the screen, or even on dialogs or bottomsheets. It's totally up to you!

Users' cropping operation is also customizable. By default, images are fixed on the screen and users can move crop rect to decide where to crop. Once configured interactive mode, images can be zoomed/panned, and crop rect can be configured as fixed.

CropController enables you to control crop rect from outside of Crop. The controller allows you to run cropping (or related actions) from anywhere on your codebase.

Enjoy building your own cropping UI with crop_your_image!

Features #

  • Minimum UI restrictions
  • Flexible Crop widget that can be placed anywhere on your widget tree
  • CropController to control Crop
  • Zooming / panning images
  • Crop with rect or circle whichever you want
  • Fix aspect ratio
  • Configure Rect of crop rect programmatically
  • Detect events of users' operation
  • (advanced) Cropping backend logics are also customizable

Note that this package DON'T

  • read / download image data from any storages, such as gallery, internet, etc.
  • resize, tilt, or other conversions which can be done with image package directly.
  • provide UI parts other than cropping editor, such as buttons to control. Building UI is fully UP TO YOU!

Usage #

Basics #

Place Crop Widget wherever you want to place image cropping UI.

final _controller = CropController();

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return Crop(
    image: _imageData, 
    controller: _controller,
    onCropped: (image) {
      // do something with cropped image data 

Then, Crop widget will automatically display cropping editor UI on users screen with given image.

By passing CropController instance to controller argument of Crop's constructor, you can controll the Crop widget from anywhere on your source code.

For example, when you want to crop the image with the current crop rect, you can just call _controller.crop() whenever you want, such like the code below.

  child: Text('Crop it!')
  onPressed: () => _cropController.crop(),

Because _controller.crop() only kicks the cropping process, this method returns immediately without any cropped image data. You can obtain the result of cropping images via onCropped callback of Crop Widget.

List of configurations #

All the arguments of Crop and usages are below.

final _controller = CropController();

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return Crop(
    image: _imageData,
    controller: _controller,
    onCropped: (image) {
      // do something with image data 
    aspectRatio: 4 / 3,
    // initialSize: 0.5,
    // initialArea: Rect.fromLTWH(240, 212, 800, 600),
    initialRectBuilder: (rect) => Rect.fromLTRB(
      rect.left + 24, + 32, rect.right - 24, rect.bottom - 32
    // withCircleUi: true,
    maskColor: Colors.white.withAlpha(100),
    progressIndicator: const CircularProgressIndicator(),
    radius: 20,
    onMoved: (newRect) {
      // do something with current crop rect.
    onStatusChanged: (status) {
      // do something with current CropStatus
    willUpdateScale: (newScale) {
      // if returning false, scaling will be canceled
      return newScale < 5;
    cornerDotBuilder: (size, edgeAlignment) => const DotControl(color:,
    clipBehavior: Clip.none,
    interactive: true,
    // fixCropRect: true,
    // formatDetector: (image) {},
    // imageCropper: myCustomImageCropper,
    // imageParser: (image, {format}) {},
argument type description
image Uint8List Original image data to be cropped. The result of cropping operation can be obtained via onCropped callback.
onCropped void Function(Uint8List) Callback called when cropping operation is completed.
controller CropController Controller for managing cropping operation.
aspectRatio double? Initial aspect ratio of crop rect. Set null or just omit if you want to crop images with any aspect ratio. aspectRatio can be changed dynamically via setter of CropController.aspectRatio. (see below)
initialSize double? is the initial size of crop rect. 1.0 (or null, by default) fits the size of image, which means crop rect extends as much as possible. 0.5 would be the half. This value is also referred when aspectRatio changes via CropController.aspectRatio.
initialArea Rect? Initial Rect of crop rect based on actual image size.
initialRectBuilder Rect Function(Rect) Callback to decide initial Rect of crop rect based on viewport of Crop itself. Rect of Crop's viewport is passed as an argument of the callback.
withCircleUi bool Flag to decide the shape of cropping UI. If true, the shape of cropping UI is circle and aspectRatio is automatically set 1.0. Note that this flag does NOT affect to the result of cropping image. If you want cropped images with circle shape, call CropController.cropCircle instead of CropController.crop.
maskColor Color? Color of the mask widget which is placed over the cropping editor.
baseColor Color? Color of the base color of the cropping editor.
radius double? Corner radius of crop rect.
onMoved void Function(Rect)? Callback called when crop rect is moved regardless of its reasons. newRect of argument is current Rect of crop rect.
onStatusChanged void Function(CropStatus)? Callback called when status of Crop is changed.
willUpdateScale bool Function(double)? Callback called before scale changes on interactive mode. By returning false to this callback, updating scale will be canceled.
cornerDotBuilder Widget Function(Size, EdgeAlignment)? Builder function to build Widget placed at four corners used to move crop rect. The builder passes size which widget must follow and edgeAlignment which indicates the position.
progressIndicator Widget? Widget for showing preparing image is in progress. Nothing (SizedBox.shrink() actually) is shown by default.
interactive bool? Flag to enable interactive mode that users can move / zoom images. false by default
fixCropRect bool? Flag if crop rect should be fixed on interactive mode. false by default
clipBehavior Clip? Decide clipping strategy for Crop. Clip.hardEdge by default

for Web #

argument type description
scrollZoomSensitivity double? Sensitivity for zoom gesture using mouse-wheel. For web applications only.

Advanced #

crop_your_image also allows you to customize backend logic for

  • detecting the format of the image
  • detecting detail information (width / height) of the image
  • cropping

by passing the arguments below.

argument type description
formatDetector ImageFormat Function(Uint8List)? Function to detect the format of original image. By detecting the format before imageParser parses the original image from Uint8List to ImageDetail, imageParser will sufficiently parse the binary, which means the initializing operation speeds up. defaultFormatDetector is used by default
imageParser ImageDetail Function for parsing original image from Uint8List to ImageDetail, which preserve height, width and parsed image with generic type <T>. image is passed to imageCropper with Rect to be cropped. defaultImageParser is used by default
imageCropper ImageCropper By implementing ImageCropeper<T> and passing its instance to this argument, you can exchange cropping logic. defaultImageCropper is used by default

Gallery App #

The repository below is for a sample app of using crop_your_image. | chooyan-eng/crop_your_image_gallery

You can find several examples with executable source codes here.

Contact #

If you have anything you want to inform me (@chooyan-eng), such as suggestions to enhance this package or functionalities you want etc, feel free to make issues on GitHub or send messages on X @tsuyoshi_chujo (Japanese @chooyan_i18n).

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crop_your_image helps your app to embed Widgets for cropping images.

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