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Experimental Cronet dart bindings.

Experimental Cronet Dart bindings #

This package binds to Cronet's native API to expose them in Dart.

This is an HTTP Client Package with almost the same API as dart:io. By comparison, package:cronet is capable of serving about 4 to 5 times more parallel network requests than dart:io and on par in making sequential network requests.

This is a GSoC 2021 project.

Supported Platforms #

Currently, 64 bit Desktop Platforms (Linux, Windows and MacOS) are supported.

Requirements #

  1. Dart SDK 2.12.0 or above.
  2. CMake 3.15 or above. (If on windows, Visual Studio 2019 with C++ tools)
  3. C++ compiler. (g++/clang/msvc)

Usage #

  1. Add package as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml.

  2. Run this from the root of your project.

    Dart CLI

    dart pub get
    dart run cronet:setup # Downloads the cronet binaries.
  3. Import

    import 'package:cronet/cronet.dart';

Note: Internet connection is required to download cronet binaries.

Example #

  final client = HttpClient();
      .then((HttpClientRequest request) {
    return request.close();
  }).then((HttpClientResponse response) {
    response.transform(utf8.decoder).listen((contents) {
      onDone: () => print(

See the API comparison with dart:io.

Run Example #

cd example
dart run cronet:setup # Downloads the cronet binaries.
dart run

Run Tests #

dart pub get
dart run cronet:setup # Downloads the cronet binaries.
dart test --platform vm

You can also verify your cronet binaries using dart run cronet:setup verify. Make sure to have cmake 3.15.

Benchmarking #

See benchmark summary and extensive reports for comparison with dart:io.

dart pub get
dart run cronet:setup # Downloads the cronet binaries.
dart run benchmark/latency.dart # For sequential requests benchmark.
dart run benchmark/throughput.dart # For parallel requests benchmark.
dart run benchmark/run_all.dart # To run all the benchmarks and get reports.

Use -h to see available cli arguments and usage informations.

To know how to setup local test servers, read benchmarking guide.

Note: Test results may get affected by:

Building Your Own #

  1. Make sure you've downloaded your custom version of cronet shared library and filename follows the pattern cronet.86.0.4240.198.<extension> with a prefix lib if on linux. Else, you can build cronet from source using the provided instuctions. Then copy the library to the designated folder. For linux, the files are under .dart_tool/cronet/linux64.

  2. Run dart run cronet:setup build from the root of your project.

Note for Windows: Run step 2 from x64 Native Tools Command Prompt for VS 2019 shell.

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Experimental Cronet dart bindings.

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