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An animated widget that displays atom with three electrons revolving around a nucleus at its center.

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An animated widget that displays atom with a three electrons revolving around a nucleus at its center.

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size: 200 size: 100 size: 50

Some Famous logos using Atom #

Name Code Logo

React Logo

          size: 200.0,
          orbit1Angle: math.pi / 2,
          orbit2Angle: math.pi / 6,
          orbit3Angle: - math.pi / 6,
          orbitsColor: Color(0xFF00D8FF),
          electronsColor: Color(0xFF00D8FF),
          nucleusColor: Color(0xFF00D8FF),

Atom Text Editor Logo

          width: 300.0,
          height: 300.0,
          color: Color(0xFF323232),
          child: Atom(
            size: 200.0,
            orbit1Angle: math.pi / 1.9,
            orbit2Angle: math.pi / 5,
            orbit3Angle: -math.pi / 7,
            orbitsColor: Color(0xFFEED9B7),
            electronsColor: Color(0xFFEED9B7),
            nucleusColor: Color(0xFFEED9B7),

Features #

  • Can be scaled upto any size within parent widget boundaries
  • Smooth animations with mathematically pre-derived ellipse path equation
  • Transparent background for flexible usage with colors
  • 3 electron orbits (support for more may come later)
  • Orbits angle can be changed
  • Orbits color can be changed (support for individual color may come later)
  • Nucleus color can be changed
  • Electrons color can be changed (support for individual color may come later)
  • Individual electron's revolution duration can be changed
  • Any widget can be added in the center instead of nucleus

Getting Started #

In the pubspec.yaml of your flutter project, add the following dependency:

  create_atom: ^2.0.0

In your library add the following import:

import 'package:create_atom/create_atom.dart';

After that run flutter pub get

For help getting started with Flutter, view the online documentation.

Usage #

child: Atom(
  size: 100.0,

Yeah, just like that. All properties are optional except size property.

You will get a black atom by default.

centerWidget property usage -

Assign centerWidget with any widget to display that Widget instead of nucleus.

child: Atom(
  size: 100.0,
  centerWidget: Text("At Center"),

Note: If both nucleusColor and centerWidget are set then the Widget will get preference.

Properties #

Definitions -

Property Definition
size Defines size of the atom's container
orbit1angle Defines 1st orbit's angle in radians
orbit2angle Defines 2nd orbit's angle in radians
orbit3angle Defines 3rd orbit's angle in radians
nucleusColor Defines Nucleus Color
orbitsColor Defines Orbits Color
electronsColor Defines Electrons Color
animDuration1 Defines Animation Duration of 1st electron
animDuration2 Defines Animation Duration of 2nd electron
animDuration3 Defines Animation Duration of 3rd electron
centerWidget Defines a widget to display at center

Types and Initial Values -

Property Type Initial Value
size double null (required)
orbit1angle double 0.0 (Radians), 0.0 (Degrees)
orbit2angle double pi/3 (Radians), 60.0 (Degrees)
orbit3angle double -pi/3 (Radians), -60.0 (Degrees)
nucleusColor Color
orbitsColor Color
electronsColor Color
animDuration1 Duration Duration(seconds: 1)
animDuration2 Duration Duration(seconds: 2)
animDuration3 Duration Duration(seconds: 3)
centerWidget Widget null

Example App #

Checkout here - #

Random Atoms Atoms Playground


Changelog #

Breaking Changes from v1.4.0 kindly see changelog #

See for recent changes.

Contributions #

You can be of great help if you want to improve or add anything !

  • If you found a bug, open an issue.
  • If you have a feature request, open an issue.
  • If you want to contribute, submit a pull request.

License #

Package and all code within licensed under MIT License.

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An animated widget that displays atom with three electrons revolving around a nucleus at its center.

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