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Automatically increments, sets, prints the package version in pubspec.yaml. Adds, lists, prints entries in the changelog. Creates diff links in the changelog.


Cider (CI for Dart. Efficient Release) #

A command-line utility to automate package maintenance. Manipulates the changelog and pubspec.yaml.

This tool assumes that the changelog:

  • is called
  • is sitting in the project root folder
  • strictly follows the Changelog format
  • uses basic markdown (no HTML and complex formatting supported)

It also assumes that your project follows Semantic Versioning v2.0.0.

Install #

pub global activate cider

Configure #

Cider configuration is stored in pubspec.yaml under the key cider:

    tag: # initial release link template
    diff: # subsequent releases link template

The %from%, %to%, and %tag% placeholders will be replaced with the corresponding version tags.

Project root #

Cider may be run from the project root or from any directory within. In the latter case, it will try to detect the project root automatically by going up the filesystem tree until it finds a directory containing pubspec.yaml.

You can override this behavior by passing the --project-root argument:

cider --project-root=/path/to/my/project version

Changelog #

These commands manipulate

Adding changes #

Adds a new line to the Unreleased section of the changelog

cider log <type> <description>
  • type is one of: added, changed, deprecated, removed, fixed, security
  • description is a markdown text line


cider log changed 'New turbo V6 engine installed'
cider log added 'Support for rocket fuel and kerosene'
cider log fixed 'Wheels falling off sporadically'

Releasing the unreleased changes #

Takes all changes from the Unreleased section on the changelog and creates a new release under the current version in pubspec.yaml

cider release [options]


  • --date to provide the release date (the default is today).

Cider will automatically generate the diff links in the changelog if the diff link template is found in the config.

Printing the list of changes in the given version #

Prints the corresponding section from in markdown format. This command is read-only.

cider describe [<version>] [options]
  • version is an existing version from the changelog. If not specified, the Unreleased section will be used.


  • --only-body will skip the header and the link part of the changelog section.

Listing all versions in the changelog #

Prints all versions from the changelog, highest to lowest.

cider list [options]


  • --include-yanked or -y - includes yanked versions.
  • --include-unreleased or -u - prints "Unreleased" in the top of the version list if there are unreleased changes.

Version #

These commands affect the version line in pubspec.yaml. If applied successfully, Cider will print the resulting version.

Printing the current project version #

Prints the current version from pubspec.yaml. This command is read-only.

cider version

Setting version to an arbitrary value #

Sets the version in pubspec.yaml to the one provided. The new version must be semver-compatible.

cider version <new_version>
  • new_version new value, must be semver-compatible


Version before Command Version after
1.2.3+1 cider version 3.2.1 3.2.1
0.2.1-dev cider version 0.0.1-alpha+42 0.0.1-alpha+42

Yanking/unyanking a version #

The Changelog defines yanked releases as version that are pulled (withdrawn) due to a serious bug or security issue. According to the Changelog, a yanked release should be marked with a [YANKED] tag in the changelog file.

To mark a version as yanked, run the following command:

cider yank <version>

To unyank a version, run the following command:

cider unyank <version>

Bumping the project version #

Bumps the corresponding part of the project version according to semver.

cider bump <part> [options]
  • part can be any of the following:
    • breaking (means y for 0.y.z and x for x.y.z)
    • major
    • minor
    • patch
    • build
    • pre (pre-release)
    • release (promotes the version to a release, removing the pre-release part)


  • --keep-build will retain the existing build part.
  • --bump-build will increment the build part (see below).
  • --build=<value> will set the build part to the given value. This is useful when build is a not a simple numeric value, e.g. a timestamp.
  • --pre=<prefix> sets the prerelease prefix.

When bumping the prerelease or build parts, Cider will look for the rightmost dot-separated identifier. If the identifier is an integer, it will be incremented stripping the leading zeroes. Otherwise, Cider will append .1 to the corresponding part.

Remember that according to semver v2, build is considered metadata and is ignored when determining version precedence.

Version before Command Version after
1.2.1-alpha+42 cider bump breaking 2.0.0
0.2.1-alpha+42 cider bump breaking 0.3.0
0.2.1-alpha+42 cider bump major 1.0.0
0.2.1-alpha+42 cider bump minor 0.3.0
0.2.1-alpha+42 cider bump patch 0.2.1
0.2.1 cider bump patch 0.2.2
0.2.1-alpha+42 cider bump pre 0.2.1-alpha.1
1.2.1-alpha+42 cider bump breaking --keep-build 2.0.0+42
0.2.1-alpha+42 cider bump breaking --bump-build 0.3.0+43
0.2.1-alpha+42 cider bump major --build=2020-02-02 1.0.0+2020-02-02
0.2.1-alpha+42 cider bump minor --pre=alpha --bump-build 0.3.0-alpha+43
0.2.1-alpha+42 cider bump release 0.2.1
0.2.1-alpha+42 cider bump release --keep-build 0.2.1+42

Exit codes #

Code Meaning
0 Successful exit.
64 Usage error, e.g. invalid arguments.
65 Data error, e.g. missing or invalid project files.
70 Software error. If you see this, you might want to open an issue.
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Automatically increments, sets, prints the package version in pubspec.yaml. Adds, lists, prints entries in the changelog. Creates diff links in the changelog.

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args, change, markdown, path, pub_semver, pubspec_parse, rfc_6901, version_manipulation, yaml


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