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Dart client to communicate with Centrifuge and Centrifugo from Flutter and VM over dart:io WebSocket

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Websocket client for Centrifugo server and Centrifuge library.

There is no v1 release of this library yet – API still evolves. At the moment patch version updates only contain backwards compatible changes, minor version updates can have backwards incompatible API changes.

Check out client SDK API specification to learn how this SDK behaves. It's recommended to read that before starting to work with this SDK as the spec covers common SDK behavior - describes client and subscription state transitions, main options and methods. Also check out examples folder.

The features implemented by this SDK can be found in SDK feature matrix.

Example #

  • example\flutter_app simple chat application
  • example\chat_app one more chat example
  • example\console simple console application
  • example\console_server_subs demonstrates working with server-side subscriptions

Usage in background #

When a mobile application goes to the background there are OS-specific limitations for established persistent connections - which can be silently closed shortly. Thus in most cases you need to disconnect from a server when app moves to the background and connect again when app goes to the foreground.

Instructions for maintainers/contributors #

How to update protobuf definitions #

  1. Install protoc compiler
  2. Install protoc_plugin https://pub.dev/packages/protoc_plugin (dart pub global activate protoc_plugin)
  3. cd lib/src/proto and run protoc --dart_out=. -I . client.proto
  4. cd to root and run dartfmt -w lib/ test/ (install dartfmt with dart pub global activate dart_style)

How to release #

  1. Update changelog
  2. Bump version in pubspec.yaml, push, create new tag
  3. dart pub publish

Author #

German Saprykin, saprykin.h@gmail.com

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Dart client to communicate with Centrifuge and Centrifugo from Flutter and VM over dart:io WebSocket


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