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A package absorbing all Flutter utility functions, including extension functions and commonly used widgets

πŸ›  A package absorbing all Flutter utility functions, including extension functions and commonly used widgets.

πŸ“„ Bottom Sheet #

Show modal bottom sheets using: context.showModalBottomSheet().

FancyBottomSheet demo

Also, this package adds a custom FancyBottomSheet with a drag indicator at the top. You can create one using context.showFancyModalBottomSheet().

πŸ— BuildContext #

In Flutter, you often see the pattern <Class>.of(context) (e.g., Theme.of(context)). This package adds extension getters on BuildContext for those classes so you can just say:

ExtensionShortcut for
context.scaffoldOrNullScaffold.of(context, nullOk: true)

🎨 Colors #

Handy extensions on Brightness:

brightness.isDark≙ brightness == Brightness.dark
brightness.isLight≙ brightness == Brightness.light
brightness.oppositeopposite Brightness
brightness.colorColor representing this brightness, i.e.:
Β· Colors.white for Brightness.light
Β· for Brightness.dark
brightness.contrastColoropposite of brightness.color (above)

isDark, isLight, and contrastColor can also be used on ThemeData directly.

Handy extensions on Color:

color.estimatedBrightnessestimated Brightness based on color's luminance
color.isOpaqueif opacity is 1.0
color.alphaBlendOn(Color background)resulting Color when drawing color on top of background
color.withAdditionalOpacity(double opacity)applies opacity by multiplying it to the existing opacity
color.withAdditionalAlpha(int alpha)like above, but with an integer alpha
color.hsl≙ HSLColor.fromColor(color)
color.hsv≙ HSVColor.fromColor(color)

And if you can't decide on a color, just use random.nextColor(), random.nextColorHsl() or random.nextColorHsv()!

Convert between alpha and opacity with int.alphaToOpacity and double.opacityToAlpha.

🌈 Material Design colors #

Material Design specifies different opacities of white and black colors to use for text of different emphases on colored backgrounds. You can now use the highEmphasisOnColor, mediumEmphasisOnColor and disabledOnColor extension getters on Color to make your text legible!

There are also getters on ThemeData for contrast colors on the primary, accent, background, and error colors.

🧭 Navigation #

Access your navigation-related information via extension methods:

ExtensionShortcut for
context.rootNavigatorNavigator.of(this, rootNavigator: true)

Push a new route and pop all previous routes (e.g., when signing out the user):

navigator.pushAndRemoveAll(/* new route */);
// Or using a named route:
navigator.pushNamedAndRemoveAll(/* route name */);

Log navigation events to the console:

  navigatorObservers: [LoggingNavigatorObserver()],
  // ...
// Prints:
// Navigator: didPush /dashboard β†’ /articles/12345
// Navigator: didPop /dashboard ← /articles/12345

Note: This uses the name of routes, so it only works with named routes. If you want to handle all your routing declaratively with proper deep links, check out my package 🧭 flutter_deep_linking :)

πŸ“± Widgets #

πŸ”³ Buttons #

Did you ever want to show a progress indicator inside a button? Or were annoyed to conditionally set a Button's onPressed to disable it? Fear no more — black_hole_flutter has got you covered!

Button demo

In FancyFab (a FloatingActionButton), FancyTextButton, FancyOutlinedButton, and FancyElevatedButton, we introduce some new parameters:

πŸ₯™ FillOrWrap #

FillOrWrap demo

A layout with two different behaviors:

  • By default, all children are positioned next to each other with equal widths. This is comparable to a Row with all children wrapped in Expanded.
  • If the children are too wide to fit in a single line, or one child would become smaller than its reported minimum width, the children get positioned below each other ("wrapped"). This is similar to a Column with MainAxisSize.min.

πŸ–Ό RenderObject #

When writing a custom layout, you might find this extension on ContainerRenderObjectMixin useful:

containerRenderObjectMixin.childrenReturns all children using firstChild and childAfter

↕ Size #

size.diagonallength of the diagonal of a rectangle with this Size
size.squaredDiagonal≙ size.diagonal * size.diagonal
size.coerceAtLeast(Size minimum)Ensures size is not smaller than minimum in any axis
size.coerceAtMost(Size maximum)Ensures size is not larger than minimum in any axis
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A package absorbing all Flutter utility functions, including extension functions and commonly used widgets

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