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Barkoder flutter plugin

How to use barkoder_flutter package in your project #

1. Prepare environment #

Install Flutter SDK and setup your environment

2. Add our flutter package #

To add the barkoder_flutter package to your project, you have two options. You can either use the barkoder_flutter package from or from a local path.

To use the package from, add the package name and version to your project's dependencies:

      sdk: flutter
    barkoder_flutter: <package version>

If you prefer to use a local package, download the package from and set the package path in your project's dependencies:

         sdk: flutter
         path: <package local path>

3. Install dependencies #

Run flutter pub get command in terminal to install the specified dependencies in your project

4. Import package #

Import the barkoder_flutter package in your project with:

 import 'package:barkoder_flutter/barkoder_flutter.dart';

5. BarkoderView #

At this point the barkoder_flutter package is installed and imported in your project. Next step is to add the BarkoderView in your layout and set the licenseKey parameter and onBarkoderViewCreated callback.

   Widget build(BuildContext context) {
     return Scaffold(
       body: BarkoderView(
                 licenseKey: 'KEY',
                 onBarkoderViewCreated: _onBarkoderViewCreated),

The license key is a string that concists of alphanumerical characters. See section Section 8 to learn how to get a valid license.

6. Ready to Scan Event #

Inside _onBarkoderViewCreated callback function the SDK is fully initialized and ready for configuration or to start the scanning process

 void _onBarkoderViewCreated(barkoder) {
   _barkoder = barkoder;

   _barkoder.setBarcodeTypeEnabled(BarcodeType.qr, true);

 void _scanPressed() {
   _barkoder.startScanning((result) {
     // The result from successful scan is received here

For the complete usage of the barkoder_flutter plugin please check our sample.

7. Camera permissions #

Our SDK requires camera permission to be granted in order to use scanning features. For Android, the permission is set in the manifest from the plugin. For iOS you need to specify camera permission in Info.plist file inside your project

 <string>Camera permission</string>

8. Licensing #

The SDK will scan barcodes even without a valid license; however all results will be randomly masked with (*) Asterisk characters. By using our software you are agreeing to our End User License Agreement. To obtain a valid license, one should create an account at[]( and either get a trial license (to test the software out) or procure a production license that can be used within a live app.