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A new flutter plugin project.

Flutter AWS IoT #


AWS IoT plugin for flutter, intended to fit nicely with flutter_cognito_plugin and mqtt_client.

  • Basic pub/sub functionality.
  • Supports AttachPolicy, which is needed to make cognito identity auth work with aws iot.
  • Automatically handles cognito identity auth in the background.

Install #

  • Use flutter plugin installation instructions on Dart Pub.
  • Ensure platform :ios, '9.0' at ios/Podfile.
  • Add awsconfiguration.json by following instructions at flutter_cognito_plugin for Android/iOS.

Example app #

  • Clone
git clone
cd example
cp assets/.env.example assets/.env
  • Edit example/assets/.env file, and fill in the proper credentials.

  • Add awsconfiguration.json to the example app, by following instructions at flutter_cognito_plugin for both Android/iOS.

  • Run

flutter run

Prior art #