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Websocket based server for the Automated Testing Framework driver.

Table of Contents

automated_testing_framework_server_websocket #

Table of Contents #

Introduction #

Installation #

Build from Source #

To build from source, clone the repo:

Then execute the command:

dart compile exe bin/run.dart

That will create an executable named run in the output directory that can be used to start the server.

Using Pub #

Installation via Pub is straight forward. Execute the following command:

pub global activate automated_testing_framework_server_websocket

Then to start the server, execute:

pub global run automated_testing_framework_server_websocket:run

Customization #

This server is designed to allow developers the ability to easily extend and customize it. Developers can provide a custom authentication scheme and / or the ability to execute custom commands.

Customizing the server begins with adding this package as a dependency in your own custom Dart project:

  automated_testing_framework_server_websocket: <version>

Next, create your own bin/run.dart file. See the default run.dart as an example starting point.

Authentication #

In order to customize the authentication mechanism, extend the Authentication class and implement the authenticate function. Then pass the custom authenticator to the Server at initialization time.

Authorization #

In order to customize the authorization mechanism, extend the Authorizer class and implement the authorize function. Then pass the custom authenticator to the Server at initialization time.

Commands #

The Server accepts a series of handlers that can be used perform custom actions when commands are received.