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Library to use Google's Firebase Storage as a mechanism for automated tests and test results.

Table of Contents

automated_testing_framework_plugin_firebase_storage #

Table of Contents #

Introduction #

The first step in the process is to make sure your app is setup and registered with Google's Firebase console and the appropriate files have been added to your application's manifests. For a great guide on this process, see

As a note, the example app is a fully functioning app on Firebase Storage, but you must add in your own project. You don't get to use mine at my cost... :)

Quick Start #

In addition to the Firebase Storage metadata files, the example also requires a file under assets/login.json that follows this structure:

  "username": "username-goes-here",
  "password": "password-goes-here"

This is used to log in to Firebase using the email / password mode and is designed to encourage good test behavior by starting with an authenticated mode rather than a "world read / world write" mode that can be dangerous for your data.

Once that file, plus the Firebase Storage metadata files, is provided you should have a working example that can read, write, and report out tests.

Supported Platforms #

This has been tested on Android and iOS.