audio_trim 0.0.6
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An audio_trim plugin.

audio_trim #

A plugin to cut audio files. You pass in a path to a file, start_time and end_time times and the plugin will do the rest. For now, it automatically will reduce the quality quite a bit to ensure optimal file size for storage/streaming.

Getting Started #

Import and cut using audio_trim to cut audio without using ffmpeg library!

AudioTrimmer audioTrimmer;

TrimState trimState;

double start_timer_in_double = 0.0;

double end_timer_in_double = 10.0;

void initState() {

void initCutter() {
  audioTrimmer = AudioTrimmer();

  audioTrimmer.setCompletionHandler(() {
    setState(() {
      trimState = TrimState.complete;
//Cut audio using 
audioTrimmer.cut('path', start_timer_in_double, end_timer_in_double);