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A library to build your own custom implementation of flutter create.

at_app_create #

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Overview #

at_app_create is a package that facilitates the generation of flutter applications from templates using the mason package. You can use this package in combination with at_app_bundler to build your own version of flutter create using custom templates.

Get started #

1. Add the package to your project #

Instructions on how to manually add this package to your project can be found on here.

2. Clone it from GitHub #

Feel free to fork a copy of the source from the GitHub repo.

How it works #

at_app_create contains models that allow you to build a generator for custom Flutter applications. In order to do that, you can build your own template models, or use at_app_bundler to automate the process. See usage below if you prefer to manually build the models.

Usage #

See the Example tab on

Open source usage and contributions #

This is open source code, so feel free to use it as is, suggest changes or enhancements or create your own version. See for detailed guidance on how to setup tools, tests and make a pull request.

Acknowledgement/attribution #

This package was originally created by Xavier Chanthavong.

Maintainers #

This package is currently maintained by Xavier Chanthavong.

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A library to build your own custom implementation of flutter create.

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