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Dart async extensions, to help usage of Future, FutureOr and async methods. Also allows performance improvements when using sync and async code.

async_extension #

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Dart async extensions, to help usage of Future, FutureOr and async methods. Also allows performance improvements when using sync and async code.

Usage #

async_extension helps interoperability of sync and async code and improves performance and memory usage.

In the example below computeSomething can return an int (synced computation) or a Future (async computation). The method doComputation doesn't need to be declared as an async method, avoiding creation of Future instances, listeners and dispatch/schedule of Future instances. This improves debugging flow, reduces GC workload and avoids async overhead.

import 'package:async_extension/async_extension.dart';

// Sync/Async Computation without declare an `async` method:
void doComputation() {

  // Compute something that can be a `Future` or an `int`:
  FutureOr<int> n = computeSomething();

  // Resolves `n` and multiply by 10:
  var n10 = n.resolveMapped((n) => n * 10);

  // When `n10` is resolved, print it:
  n10.onResolve((n) => print('n10: $n'));

  // Call an `async` method and maps its result:
  var resultUpper = processResult(n10).resolveMapped((r) => r.toUpperCase());

  resultUpper.onResolve((r) {
    print('Final result: $r');

// An `async` method (a `Future` instance is always created):
Future<String> processResult(FutureOr<int> n) async {
  var result = await n ;
  return 'result: $result' ;

Arithmetic operators #

The arithmetic operators for Future and FutureOr are implemented for direct use.

Usage of Future arithmetic operators: #

  var sum = await (Future.value(10) + Future.value(20)) ;

  var sub = await (Future.value(10) - Future.value(20)) ;
  var mul = await (Future.value(10) * Future.value(20)) ;
  var div = await (Future.value(10) / Future.value(20)) ;
  var divInt = await (Future.value(10) ~/ Future.value(20)) ;

Usage of FutureOr arithmetic operators (2nd term): #

  var sum = await (Future.value(10) + 20) ;

  var sub = await (Future.value(10) - 20) ;
  var mul = await (Future.value(10) * 20) ;
  var div = await (Future.value(10) / 20) ;
  var divInt = await (Future.value(10) ~/ 20) ;

VM Optimization #

This paradigm shows that it's possible to improve the Dart VM performance rewriting async methods during JIT/AOT optimizations.

It's very clear that most async methods can be written using the patterns enabled by async_extension.

I hope that in the future the Dart VM moves to use something like that, since async methods are a bottleneck, specially for the VM GC.

Benchmark #

See the benchmark at example/async_extension_benchmark.dart.

An example of the benchmark output:

// session[9]> Benchmark[await:ComputationSync]{ sum: 999999000000, iterations: 1000000, time: 778ms , speed: 1285347.0437017994 iter./s }
// session[9]> Benchmark[await:ComputationAsync]{ sum: 999999000000, iterations: 1000000, time: 899ms , speed: 1112347.0522803115 iter./s }
// session[9]> Benchmark[optimized:ComputationSync]{ sum: 999999000000, iterations: 1000000, time: 28ms , speed: 35714285.71428572 iter./s }
// session[9]> Benchmark[optimized:ComputationAsync]{ sum: 999999000000, iterations: 1000000, time: 810ms , speed: 1234567.9012345679 iter./s }

The optimized benchmark (that uses async_extension) is fast in both scenarios (when the computation is sync or async). It shows that when the computation is sync, the avoidance of Future instances (and related dispatch/schedule) improves the performance significantly. Also shows that for async computation the optimized benchmark is not slower than a normal Dart async method version.

Source #

The official source code is hosted @ GitHub:

Features and bugs #

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.

Contribution #

Any help from the open-source community is always welcome and needed:

  • Found an issue?
    • Please fill a bug report with details.
  • Wish a feature?
    • Open a feature request with use cases.
  • Are you using and liking the project?
    • Promote the project: create an article, do a post or make a donation.
  • Are you a developer?
    • Fix a bug and send a pull request.
    • Implement a new feature.
    • Improve the Unit Tests.
  • Have you already helped in any way?
    • Many thanks from me, the contributors and everybody that uses this project!

If you donate 1 hour of your time, you can contribute a lot, because others will do the same, just be part and start with your 1 hour.

Author #

Graciliano M. Passos: gmpassos@GitHub.

License #

Apache License - Version 2.0

FOSSA Status

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Dart async extensions, to help usage of Future, FutureOr and async methods. Also allows performance improvements when using sync and async code.

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