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Arcana Auth flutter SDK

Arcana SDK #

A well typed React Native library providing support for Crypto wallet Authentication on iOS and Android, including support for all currency variants.

Prerequisites to using this library #

  • (iOS only) You are using Xcode version 11 or higher. This will allow you to develop using iOS version 13 and higher, when the APIs for Sign In with Apple became available.

Installation #

This plugin is available on Pub:

Add this to dependencies in your app's pubspec.yaml

  arcana_auth_flutter: ^0.0.6

Usage #

Initialization #

import 'package:arcana_sdk/arcana_sdk.dart';

final auth = AuthProvider(clientId:"xar_xxxx_...");
auth.init(context: context);

Login/Logout #

Login with social

auth.loginWithSocial("google").then((_) => {
  // On login Success

Login with OTP

auth.loginWithOTP("${email_id}").then((_) => {
  // On login Success


auth.logout().then((_) => {
  // On logout

Show/Hide wallet #

To show the wallet


To Hide the wallet


Get Visibility Status of the wallet

var isVisible = auth.isVisible();

To Clear Cache the Webview


Methods #

Request (like EIP1193)

auth.request(method: "...", params: [...]).then(() => ...);

Get User Info

auth.getUserInfo().then((UserInfo info) => ...);

Send Transaction

auth.sendTransaction({ to: "", value: "" }).then((hash) => ...);

Get Account

auth.getAccount().then((account) => ...);



Contributing #

Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

License #


Keyword #

oauth, social, authentication, passwordless, signup, login, web3, wallet, reactnative