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A Flutter plugin to display ads from Appodeal; it supports the new reqs for iOS 14+ and GDPR/CCPA consent.

appodeal_flutter #

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A Flutter plugin to display ads from Appodeal. It currently supports Banner, Interstitial, Reward and Non-Skippable ads.

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⚙️ Installation #

  1. Add the dependency to the pubspec.yaml file in your project:
  appodeal_flutter: # use the latest version
  1. Install the plugin by running the command below in the terminal, in your project's root directory:
$ flutter pub get
  1. Follow the Appodeal installation instructions available for iOS and Android. However, ignore the steps to include the Appodeal SDK dependencies in Gradle (Android) and Cocoapods (iOS) since these steps will be done by this package.

Extra step for Android only #

  1. The Appodeal framework includes mutiple libraries from different ad providers, so it's very likely that the inclusion of this plugin in your project will make it exceed to 64K limit method count of Android. To solve this problem you need to enable multidex in your project; follow the instructions here to learn how to do that.

Extra step for iOS 14+ only #

  1. Follow the instructions available here to learn how to implement the permission request to track users, but ignore the part to include some code in the AppDelegate file. This code is already included in this plugin and it will be executed when you call the function Appodeal.requestIOSTrackingAuthorization(), before the initialization of Appodeal (see below).

📱 Usage #

Import the plugin as early as possible somewhere in your project (ideally in the file main.dart), then initialize the plugin by calling the functions Appodeal.setAppKeys() and Appodeal.initialize():

Initialization #

First you need to set the app keys:

// Set the Appodeal app keys
  androidAppKey: '<your-appodeal-android-key>',
  iosAppKey: '<your-appodeal-ios-key>',

Where androidAppKey and iosAppKey are the keys associated with your app in your Appodeal account. At least one of these keys must be set before the initialization (either Android or iOS), otherwise you will get an error.

Afterwards you can initialize Appodeal with the function:

// Initialize Appodeal
await Appodeal.initialize(
  hasConsent: true,
  adTypes: [AdType.BANNER, AdType.INTERSTITIAL, AdType.REWARD],
  testMode: true

// At this point you are ready to display ads
  • hasConsent (mandatory) you must pass true or false, depending if the user granted access to be tracked in order to received better ads. See section about collecting user consent for more information.

  • adTypes (optional) you must set a list (of type AdType) with all the ad types that you would like to display in your app. If this parameter is undefined or an empty list then no ads will be loaded.

  • testMode (optional) you must set false (default) or true depending if you are running the ads during development/test or production.

Before you initialize the plugin and start displaying ads, you might need to collect the user's consent to be tracked online, depending on his location or the operating system that he is using.

For iOS 14+ only #

Since iOS 14+ you are required to request a specific permission before you can have access to Apple's IDFA (a sort of proprietary cookie used by Apple to track users among multiple advertisers... ah Apple, always Apple 🙄). To request this permission call the function Appodeal.requestIOSTrackingAuthorization():

// iOS 14+: request permission to track users
// on iOS <= 13 and Android this function does nothing; it just returns true
await Appodeal.requestIOSTrackingAuthorization();

For iOS versions before 14 and for Android devices this function won't do anything, so it's safe to call it on any device OS or version.

For users protected by GDPR/CCPA privacy laws #

Depending on the location of your users, they might be protected by the privacy laws GDPR or CCPA. These laws require, among other things, that app developers must collect user consent before the advertisers can track them online. You can check if the user is protected by any privacy laws, by calling the function Appodeal.shouldShowConsent():

bool shouldShow = await Appodeal.shouldShowConsent();
if (shouldShow) { /* Request user consent */ }

Keep in mind that the function above will also return false if the user previously accepted or declined the request to be tracked online. So it's important to always call this function in advance to avoid annoying the user with permission requests that he already answered.

After you determine if you need to request user consent, you have two options to collect this consent:

  1. You can design the UI with all the legal information and multiple options to let the user decline, accept or partially accept the options to be tracked. After you collect this information yourself, you then need to pass the value true or false to the parameter hasConsent during the Appodeal initialization.


  1. You can use the UI provided by the Consent Manager framework. With this option you can't customize the UI used to collect the user consent, however it does the heavy lifting for you of creating and displaying a window with all the legal wording, permission options and everything that is necessary to get the user's permission to be tracked. If you decide to go with option # 2 then you must call two functions:

    2.1. Call the function Appodeal.requestConsentAuthorization() to display a window requesting the user consent to be tracked:

     await Appodeal.requestConsentAuthorization();

    2.2. After the user grants or decline consent, you can call the function Appodeal.fetchConsentInfo() to fetch the consent info:

     var consent = await Appodeal.fetchConsentInfo();
     var hasConsent = consent.status == ConsentStatus.PERSONALIZED || consent.status == ConsentStatus.PARTLY_PERSONALIZED;
     await Appodeal.initialize(hasConsent: hasConsent, ...)

💵 Showing ads #

After you collect all the permissions and the plugin properly initialized, you are ready to display the ads:

To display a banner ad in your app, just include the AppodealBanner() widget somewhere in your widget tree. For example:

  child: AppodealBanner()

Interstitial, Reward & Non-Skippable ads #

To show an interstitial, reward or non-skippable ad, call the function passing the type of ad that you would like to show as a paremeter:;  // Show an interstitial ad;        // Show a reward ad; // Show a non-skippable ad

♻️ Callbacks #

You can define callbacks to your ads and track when an event occurs; it can be done by calling the callback functions below:

  • Appodeal.setBannerCallback((event) {})
  • Appodeal.setInterstitialCallback((event) {})
  • Appodeal.setRewardCallback((event) {})
  • Appodeal.setNonSkippableCallback((event) {})

Every callback carries the parameter event of type String and you can use it to determine what event has been triggered. For example, if I wanted to know when the user watched a reward ad until the end, I could use the following callback code:

Appodeal.setRewardCallback((event) {
  if (event == 'onRewardedVideoFinished') {
    print('The user watched the reward ad until the end');

and if later I don't want to track reward events anymore, I just need to pass the value null to the same callback function:


The full list of events that you can track is below:

onBannerLoaded, onBannerFailedToLoad, onBannerShown, onBannerClicked, onBannerExpired.

Interstitial #

onInterstitialLoaded, onInterstitialFailedToLoad, onInterstitialShown, onInterstitialShowFailed, onInterstitialClicked, onInterstitialClosed, onInterstitialExpired.

Reward #

onRewardedVideoLoaded, onRewardedVideoFailedToLoad, onRewardedVideoShown, onRewardedVideoShowFailed, onRewardedVideoFinished, onRewardedVideoClosed, onRewardedVideoExpired, onRewardedVideoClicked.

Non-Skippable #

onNonSkippableVideoLoaded, onNonSkippableVideoFailedToLoad, onNonSkippableVideoShown, onNonSkippableVideoShowFailed, onNonSkippableVideoFinished, onNonSkippableVideoClosed, onNonSkippableVideoExpired.

📝 License #

appodeal_flutter is released under the ISC License. See LICENSE for details.

👨🏾‍💻 Author #

Vinicius Egidio (

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A Flutter plugin to display ads from Appodeal; it supports the new reqs for iOS 14+ and GDPR/CCPA consent.

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