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Tiny Flutter plugin to retrieve the App Set ID (Android) or Identifier for Vendor (IDfV, iOS)

app_set_id #

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A tiny Flutter library to retrieve a vendor-specific privacy-friendly device-unique identifier, also called IDfV or App Set ID.

Android #

On Android it returns the App Set ID (ASID). As per the developer documentation:

For apps that are installed by the Google Play store, the app set ID API returns an ID scoped to the set of apps published under the same Google Play developer account.

iOS #

On iOS/iPadOS it returns the Identifier for Vendor (IDfV). as per the developer documentation:

The value of this property is the same for apps that come from the same vendor running on the same device. (...) Normally, the vendor is determined by data provided by the App Store.

MacOS #

No true IDfV exists on MacOS, so it returns the MAC address of the first network interface (in hexadecimal format, without separators). This is not a real IDfV, but Apple recommends using it as a fallback in the developer documentation, even in the context of validating purchases.

Web #

For ease of integration in web projects, on web it returns the browser user agent. This is NOT a good identifier and only here for development purposes.

Installation #

Add to your pubspec.yaml file:

  app_set_id: ^1.2.0

Import the library and call getIdentifer:

import 'package:app_set_id/app_set_id.dart';

final appSetId = await AppSetId().getIdentifier();
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Tiny Flutter plugin to retrieve the App Set ID (Android) or Identifier for Vendor (IDfV, iOS)

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