angular_recaptcha 0.1.5
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Google Angular Recaptcha

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Angular Recaptcha (Dart) #

How to use #

Add to pubspec.yaml #

# If you are running angular `v5`
angular_recaptcha: ^0.1.1
# If you are still running angular `v4`
# angular_recaptcha: ^0.0.8
# If you are still running angular `v2` or `v3`,
# then you need to use: 
# angular_recaptcha: "0.0.6"` 


pub get

Add to index.html #

Deprecated Adding the script tag is no more necessary

<script src=""></script>

Use it #

<angular-recaptcha [(ngModel)]="value" key="YOUR_KEY" auto-render></angular-recaptcha>

Options #

Support ngModel for Form validation.


  • String size: Support "normal" or "compact"
  • String key: Your sitekey
  • String theme: Support "light" or "dark"
  • String type: Support "image" or "audio"
  • bool autoRender: will render the captchat automatically when ready
  • String tabindex


  • expire: notify when the token is expired, we also set value to null


  • value: get the value of the captcha


  • render(): manually render the captcha
  • reset(): manually reset the captcha

More documentations

More #

import 'package:angular/angular.dart';
import 'package:angular_recaptcha/angular_recaptcha.dart';

    selector: 'app',
    template: '''
        <angular-recaptcha [(ngModel)]="value" key="YOUR_KEY" [(ngModel)]="value" auto-render></angular-recaptcha>
    directives: const [AngularRecaptcha, formDirectives ]
class AppComponent {
  String value;