angel_mustache 2.0.0
angel_mustache: ^2.0.0

Dart native

Mustache view generator for Angel.

mustache #

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Mustache (Handlebars) view generator for the Angel web server framework.

Thanks so much @c4wrd for his help with bringing this project to life!

Installation #

In pubspec.yaml:

    angel_mustache: ^2.0.0

Usage #

const FileSystem fs = const LocalFileSystem();

configureServer(Angel app) async {
  // Run the plug-in
  await app.configure(mustache('views')));
  // Render `hello.mustache`
  await res.render('hello', {'name': 'world'});

Options #

  • partialsPath: A path within the viewsDirectory to search for partials in. Default is ./partials.
  • fileExtension: The file extension to search for. Default is .mustache.