analyzer_formatter 0.2.0
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Dart Analyzer result formatter

analyzer_formatter #


About #

Tool for converting Dart Analyzer output to Checkstlye and JUnit report formats.

Installation #

Install tool from

flutter pub global activate analyzer_formatter

How to use #

  1. Check your project with Dart Analyzer and write its output to a file:
flutter analyze > analyzer_report.txt

analyzer_report.txt is the name of Dart Analyzer report by default. You can change it and pass your own by --analyzerReportFile argument.

  1. Run tool for project folder:
flutter pub global run analyzer_formatter

Arguments #

--analyzerReportFileRelative path to Analyzer report file
--outputSuffixSuffix of a converted report file
--helpPrint tool description
--testStyleConvert a result to JUnit report

How to contribute #

Make sure your build is green before you contribute your pull request. Then:

$ dart analyze

If you don't see any error messages, submit your pull request.

Contributors #