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This package provides a library that performs static analysis of Dart code.

5.1.0 #

  • Deprecated AstNode.name2, use name instead.
  • Deprecated AstNode.declaredElement2, use declaredElement instead.

5.0.0 #

  • Removed deprecated methods from AST.
  • Removed deprecated DiagnosticMessage.message.
  • Removed deprecated LibraryElement.getImportsWithPrefix().
  • Removed deprecated ParameterElement.isNotOptional.
  • Removed deprecated DartType.displayName.
  • Removed deprecated methods from AnalysisDriver.
  • Removed deprecated ClassOrMixinDeclaration.
  • Removed deprecated Declaration.declaredElement.
  • Removed deprecated Element.enclosingElement and enclosingElement2.
  • Removed deprecated ExportElement, ImportElement.
  • Removed deprecated
  • Removed deprecated Declaration.declaredElement.
  • Removed deprecated DartType.element.

4.7.0 #

  • Add missing addXyz to NodeLintRegistry.
  • Add lookUpInheritedConcreteX() to InterfaceElement.

4.6.0 #

  • Added DartType.element2, so that InterfaceType.element2 overrides it.

4.5.0 #

  • Update deprecation message for FormalParameter.identifier.
  • Deprecated ClassOrMixinDeclaration, use ClassDeclaration and MixinDeclaration directly.
  • Deprecated Declaration.declaredElement, use declaredElement2 instead. This is necessary to separate ClassElement, EnumElement, and MixinElement. And, in the future, augmentations like ClassAugmentationElement, etc.
  • Deprecated TypeSystem.instantiateToBounds2(), use instantiateInterfaceToBounds() or instantiateTypeAliasToBounds() instead.

4.4.0 #

  • Deprecated ClassDeclaration.isAbstract, use abstractKeyword instead.
  • Deprecated ClassTypeAlias.isAbstract, use abstractKeyword instead.
  • Deprecated ClassOrMixinDeclaration.getField, filter members instead.
  • Deprecated ClassOrMixinDeclaration.getMethod, filter members instead.
  • Deprecated ClassDeclaration.getConstructor, filter members instead.
  • Deprecated Directive.element, use element2 instead.
  • Deprecated ClassElement.hasStaticMember, it is not useful for clients.
  • Deprecated NamespaceDirective.uriElement, use element2.uri with DirectiveUriWithLibrary instead.
  • Deprecated UriBasedDirective.uriContent, UriBasedDirective.uriElement, UriBasedDirective.uriSource. Use Directive.element2.uri instead.
  • Deprecated NamespaceDirective.selectedSource, use element2.uri with DirectiveUriWithSource instead.
  • Deprecated Configuration.uriSource, use resolvedUri instead.
  • Deprecated CatchClause.exceptionParameter and CatchClause.stackTraceParameter. Use exceptionParameter2 and stackTraceParameter2 instead.
  • Added FileResult.isAugmentation and isLibrary to complement isPart.
  • Deprecated '' in AST, use name2 and declaredElement instead.
  • Deprecated Element.enclosingElement2, use enclosingElement3 instead. The meaningful change is that ConstructorElement.enclosingElement3 returns now IntefaceElement, not ClassElement.
  • Deprecated get enums/mixin, use get enums2/mixins2 instead.
  • Deprecated DartType.element, check for InterfaceType, TypeParameterType, and then ask the element.
  • Deprecated ClassElement.isEnum and isMixin. Check for is EnumElement and is MixinElement instead.
  • Deprecated LibraryElement.getType() use getClass() instead.

4.3.1 #

  • Fix identifier for LibraryExportElement and LibraryImportElement.

4.3.0 #

  • Deprecated Directive.keyword, use corresponding xyzToken in specific directives.
  • Deprecated, use parts2 instead.
  • Deprecated LibraryElement.exports, use libraryExports instead.
  • Deprecated LibraryElement.imports, use libraryImports instead.
  • Deprecated Element.enclosingElement, use enclosingElement2 instead.
  • Member is not equal to ElementImpl, use Element.declaration.

4.2.0 #

  • Update SDK constraints to >=2.17.0 <3.0.0.
  • Deprecated ImportDirective.COMPARATOR, use appropriate custom logic, if necessary.
  • Deprecated Element.isAccessibleIn(), use isAccessibleIn2() instead.
  • Bug fixes: 49225.

4.1.0 #

  • Deprecated ParameterElement.isNotOptional, use isRequired instead.
  • Deprecated ResourceProviderMixin.newFile2, use newFile instead.
  • Deprecated ResourceProviderMixin.newAnalysisOptionsYamlFile2, use newAnalysisOptionsYamlFile instead.
  • Deprecated DartType.resolveToBound, use TypeSystem.resolveToBound instead.
  • Deprecated LibraryElement.getImportsWithPrefix, use PrefixElement.imports instead.
  • Fix for AnalysisSession.getFile() to return updated content after applyPendingFileChanges.

4.0.0 #

  • Removed deprecated UriKind and Source.uriKind.
  • Removed deprecated LibraryElement.hasExtUri.
  • Removed deprecated LibraryElement.hasLoadLibraryFunction.
  • Removed deprecated ImportElement.prefixOffset.
  • Removed deprecated CompilationUnitElement.types.
  • Removed deprecated Source.encoding.
  • Removed deprecated Source.isInSystemLibrary.
  • Removed deprecated Source.modificationStamp.
  • Removed deprecated stamp in MemoryResourceProvider.
  • Removed deprecated SourceFactory.restoreUri, use pathToUri instead.
  • Removed deprecated AnalysisContext.workspace.
  • The isNonNullableByDefault parameter in ErrorReporter is now required.
  • Removed Element.SORT_BY_OFFSET, it is not used.
  • Changed synchronous AnalysisSession.getFile and getParsedUnit to fail if there are pending file changes, instead of reading. As for any other AnalysisSession method, await AnalysisContext.applyPendingFileChanges().
  • Removed Token.copy() and copyComments().
  • Removed CommentToken.remove().
  • Removed deprecated astFactory and AstFactory.
  • Removed AnalysisOptions.signature and signaturesEqual.
  • Removed deprecated buildSdkSummary().

3.4.1 #

  • Remove checks for consistency after operations in AnalysisSession.

3.4.0 #

  • Deprecated Resource.parent2, use parent instead.
  • Deprecated astFactory, clients should not create AST nodes manually.
  • Changed CompilationUnit.lineInfo to be non-nullable.
  • Changed CompilationUnitElement.lineInfo to be non-nullable.
  • Deprecated ResourceProviderMixin.newFile, use newFile2 instead.
  • Deprecated ResourceProviderMixin.newAnalysisOptionsYamlFile.
  • Added AnalysisContext.changeFile and AnalysisContext.applyPendingFileChanges.
  • Deprecated buildSdkSummary, use asynchronous buildSdkSummary2 instead.

3.3.1 #

  • Report HintCode.OVERRIDE_ON_NON_OVERRIDING_xyz on enum.

3.3.0 #

  • Added getField to ExtensionElement.
  • Added isGenerative to ConstructorElement.
  • Added isDartCoreEnum to ClassElement and DartType.
  • Deprecated superclass2, mixinTypes2, etc. Use superclass, mixinTypes, etc.
  • APIs for enhanced-enums language feature.

3.2.0 #

  • Deprecated changes getter in File and Folder, use watch() instead.

3.1.0 #

  • New internal API for package:dart_style.
  • Removed deprecated non-API MockSdk class.
  • Removed deprecated AnalysisDriver constructor.
  • Updated the current language version to 2.17.

3.0.0 #

  • Removed deprecated DartType.aliasElement/aliasArguments.
  • Removed deprecated constructors from FeatureSet.
  • Removed UnitElementResult.signature - unused by clients.
  • Removed deprecated AnalysisError.withNamedArguments.
  • Removed deprecated ErrorReporter.reportErrorMessage.
  • Removed deprecated ResourceProvider.getModificationTimes().
  • Removed deprecated MemoryResourceProvider.newDummyLink().
  • Removed deprecated MemoryResourceProvider.updateFile().
  • Removed deprecated Resource.parent.
  • Removed deprecated ResultState and AnalysisResult.state.
  • Removed deprecated summary_file_builder library.
  • Removed deprecated message and correction from ErrorCode.
  • Removed deprecated lookUp methods from InterfaceType.
  • Removed deprecated InterfaceType.getSmartLeastUpperBound.
  • Removed deprecated path and uri from AnalysisResult.
  • Removed deprecated methods from AnalysisSession.
  • Removed TypeName and corresponding methods.
  • Removed deprecated methods from TypeProvider.

2.8.0 #

  • Deprecations and renames for getXyz methods in AnalysisDriver.
  • Removed uppercase named constants from double in mock SDK.
  • Deprecated path and uri from AnalysisResult.
  • Deprecated UriResolver.restoreAbsolute, use pathToUri instead.
  • Deprecated SourceFactory.restoreAbsolute, use pathToUri instead.
  • Deprecated UriKind and Source.uriKind.
  • Deprecated Source.modificationStamp.
  • Deprecated Source.isInSystemLibrary, use uri.isScheme('dart') instead.
  • Fixed #47715.

2.7.0 #

  • Updated ConstructorElement.displayName to either Class or Class.constructor.
  • Deprecated InterfaceType.getSmartLeastUpperBound, use TypeSystem.leastUpperBound instead.
  • Deprecated MockSdk, use createMockSdk and FolderBasedDartSdk instead.

2.6.0 #

  • Deprecated AnalysisResult.state, check for specific valid or invalid subtypes.
  • Deprecated ResultState.
  • Deprecated LibraryElement.hasExtUri, FFI should be used instead.

2.5.0 #

  • Updated MockSdk to include more declarations.

2.4.0 #

  • Deprecated ResourceProvider.getModificationTimes().
  • Deprecated MemoryResourceProvider.newDummyLink().
  • Deprecated MemoryResourceProvider.updateFile().
  • Deprecated TypeName, use NamedType instead.
  • Override AstVisitor.visitNamedType() instead of visitTypeName().
  • Deprecated ClassTypeAlias.superclass, use superclass2 instead.
  • Deprecated ConstructorName.type, use type2 instead.
  • Deprecated ExtendsClause.superclass, use superclass2 instead.
  • Deprecated ImplementsClause.interfaces, use interfaces2 instead.
  • Deprecated OnClause.superclassConstraints, use superclassConstraints2 instead.
  • Deprecated TypeLiteral.typeName, use type instead.
  • Deprecated WithClause.mixinTypes, use mixinTypes2 instead.
  • Deprecated AstFactory.typeName(), use namedType() instead.

2.3.0 #

  • Enable constructor-tearoffs feature by default in 2.15.
  • Improvements in constructors tear-off implementation.

2.2.0 #

  • Improvements in constructors tear-off implementation.

2.1.0 #

  • Changed AnalysisResult.path to be non-nullable.
  • Changed ParsedLibraryResult.units to be non-nullable.
  • Changed ResolvedLibraryResult.element to be non-nullable.
  • Changed ResolvedLibraryResult.units to be non-nullable.
  • Changed ResolvedUnitResult.content to be non-nullable.
  • Changed ResolvedUnitResult.unit to be non-nullable.
  • Deprecated and renamed AnalysisSession.getXyz2() into getXyz().
  • Changed AnalysisDriver.results to Stream<Object>. It used to always produce ResolvedUnitResults, but sometimes its content and unit were null, when the result actually had only errors. Now it produces either ResolvedUnitResult, or ErrorsResult, or some other results that might be added in the future.
  • Added DartType.alias with information about instantiated type alias. The type alias element and arguments are present or absent together.
  • Deprecated DartType.aliasElement and DartType.aliasArguments.
  • Updated the current language version to 2.15.

2.0.0 #

  • Removed deprecated Scope.lookup2().
  • Removed deprecated setters in API of AST.
  • Removed deprecated FunctionTypeAliasElement.
  • Updated LineInfo.getLocation() to return CharacterLocation.
  • Removed deprecated LineInfo_Location.
  • Removed deprecated methods from AnalysisSession.
  • Changed DartObject.type from ParameterizedType? to DartType?.
  • Changed FunctionType to implement DartType, not ParameterizedType.
  • Removed FunctionType.element and FunctionType.typeArguments.
  • Changed DartObject.type from ParameterizedType? to DartType?.
  • Changed FunctionType to implement DartType, not ParameterizedType.
  • Removed FunctionType.element and FunctionType.typeArguments.
  • Added StringInterpolation.firstString and lastString, to express explicitly that there are always (possibly empty) strings as the first and the last elements of an interpolation.
  • Deprecated ImportElement.prefixOffset, use prefix.nameOffset instead.
  • Deprecated CompilationUnitElement.types, use classes instead.
  • Added Element.nonSynthetic, use it to get the element that caused creation of this element, e.g. the field for a synthetic getter.
  • FieldElement.isFinal is true only when the field is not synthetic.
  • Synthetic getters and setters now use -1 as nameOffset.
  • Fixed bug that defaultValueCode is null for field formal parameters.
  • Updated so that it is non-nullable.

1.7.0 #

  • Require meta: ^1.4.0.

1.6.0 #

  • Deprecated AnalysisDriver default constructor. Added tmp1. The goal is to allow deprecating and removing unused parameters.
  • Added AST structures and visit methods to support the upcoming "constructor tearoffs" feature: ConstructorReference, FunctionReference, and TypeLiteral.

1.5.0 #

  • Support for the language version 2.14.
  • Deprecated AnalysisSession.getUnitElement(). Use AnalysisSession.getUnitElement2() instead.
  • Deprecated AnalysisSession.getResolvedUnit(). Use AnalysisSession.getResolvedUnit2() instead.
  • Deprecated AnalysisSession.getResolvedLibrary(). Use AnalysisSession.getResolvedLibrary2() instead.
  • Deprecated AnalysisSession.getResolvedLibraryByElement(). Use AnalysisSession.getResolvedLibraryByElement2() instead.
  • Deprecated AnalysisSession.getLibraryByUri(). Use AnalysisSession.getLibraryByUri2() instead.
  • Deprecated AnalysisSession.getErrors(). Use AnalysisSession.getErrors2() instead.
  • Deprecated AnalysisSession.getParsedLibrary(). Use AnalysisSession.getParsedLibrary2() instead.
  • Deprecated AnalysisSession.getParsedLibraryByElement(). Use AnalysisSession.getParsedLibraryByElement2() instead.
  • Deprecated AnalysisSession.getParsedUnit(). Use AnalysisSession.getParsedUnit2() instead.
  • Deprecated AnalysisSession.getFile() and getSourceKind(). Use AnalysisSession.getFile2() instead.
  • Deprecated AnalysisSession.getUnitElementSignature(). This method is not used by any known client, and will be removed.

1.4.0 #

  • Deprecated TypeProvider.nonSubtypableClasses. Use TypeProvider.isNonSubtypableClass instead.
  • Added sdkPath to AnalysisContextCollection constructor.
  • Improved support for generalized type aliases.
  • The feature nonfunction-type-aliases is enabled by default in the language version 2.13.

1.3.0 #

  • Added Expression.inConstantContext to API.
  • Updated documentation comments for some getters that don't return null.
  • Fixed an issue with accessing CompilationUnitElement.mixins before types.
  • Implemented metadata resolution with type arguments and inference.
  • Fixed issue with metadata on enum constants.

1.2.0 #

  • Deprecated all setters in API of AST. Use parseString() instead.
  • AnalysisSession.getErrors() does not return null, check its state.
  • Support for aliasElement and aliasArguments for aliases of InterfaceTypes and TypeParameterTypes.

1.1.0 #

  • Deprecated TypeProvider.futureType2(), iterableType2(), etc. Use corresponding TypeProvider.futureType(), iterableType(), etc.
  • Remove experimental markers from Null Safety APIs.
  • Added Resource.parent2 and deprecated Resource.parent.
  • Added Folder.isRoot.
  • Added FolderExtension with withAncestors.
  • Added ContextRoot.workspace, deprecated AnalysisContext.workspace.
  • Deprecated ElementVisitor.visitFunctionTypeAliasElement(). Override ElementVisitor.visitTypeAliasElement() instead.
  • Deprecated FunctionTypeAliasElement. Use TypeAliasElement instead.

1.0.0 #

  • Stable null safety release.
  • Updated dependencies to null safe releases.

0.42.0-nullsafety.0 #

  • Migrated to null safety, min SDK is 2.12.0.
  • Deprecated FunctionTypeAliasElement.function. Use TypeAliasElement.aliasedElement instead.
  • Widened the dependency on package:crypto to include version 3.0.0.
  • Deprecated CompilationUnitElement.functionTypeAliases. Use CompilationUnitElement.typeAliases instead.
  • Added AnalysisContext.sdkRoot.
  • Removed NullSafetyUnderstandingFlag.
  • Removed functionTypeAliasElement from TypeSystem.instantiateToBounds2.
  • Added Annotation.typeArguments in preparation for supporting #44838.
  • Removed actualUri from UriResolver.resolveAbsolute.
  • Deprecated FunctionType.element and FunctionType.typeArguments.

0.41.1 #

  • Updated PackageBuildWorkspace that supports package:build to stop at the first directory with pubspec.yaml, and don't try to go up and find another one with both pubspec.yaml and .dart_tool/build.
  • Added a new constructor for non-API ErrorCode class. It will be used to migrate existing ErrorCode subclasses, and then deprecated and removed.

0.41.0 #

  • Replaced Scope.lookup({id, setter}) with lookup(id).
  • Deprecated Scope.lookup2(id), use lookup() instead.
  • Removed deprecated Member.baseElement.
  • Removed deprecated package:analyzer/analyzer.dart library.
  • Removed deprecated ElementAnnotation.constantValue.
  • Removed deprecated VariableElement.constantValue.
  • Removed deprecated VariableElement.initializer.
  • Removed deprecated auxiliaryElements.
  • The value ofFunctionType.element for types created from a typedef is now FunctionTypeAliasElement, not its function element.
  • Removed deprecated GenericTypeAliasElement.
  • Removed PhysicalResourceProvider.NORMALIZE_EOL_ALWAYS.
  • Changed the default PhysicalResourceProvider constructor to no longer take a required positional parameter (removed the existing fileReadMode positional parameter).

0.40.6 #

  • The non_nullable feature is released in 2.12 language version.
  • Updated the current language version to 2.12.
  • Changed the default language version when the package does not specify one. Instead of the latest known language version, the language version of the SDK (against which analysis is done, not necessary the same as used to run the analyzer) is used.

0.40.5 #

  • Deprecated GenericTypeAliasElement. Use FunctionTypeAliasElement.
  • Read imports, exports, and parts on demand in AnalysisDriver. Specifically, parseFileSync will not read any referenced files.
  • Types are not set anymore for classes/constructors/getters of identifiers in metadata (still set in arguments).

0.40.4 #

  • Deprecated IndexExpression.auxiliaryElements and SimpleIdentifier.auxiliaryElements. Use CompoundAssignmentExpression.
  • Removed internal getReadType, use CompoundAssignmentExpression.
  • Bug fixes: 34699, 43524, 42990.

0.40.3 #

  • Updated the current language version to 2.11.
  • Bug fixes: 43541, 27896, 28066, 28066, 43497, 43478, 28066, 43465, 43462, 43439, 43162, 43397, 43200.

0.40.2 #

  • Require meta: ^1.2.3.

0.40.1 #

  • Added LocalVariableElement.hasInitializer, PropertyInducingElement.hasInitializer, ParameterElement.hasDefaultValue.
  • ElementImpl.toString() uses getDisplayString(withNullability: true).
  • Deprecated ElementAnnotation.constantValue, it does not guarantee that the value has been computed. Use computeConstantValue() instead.
  • Added CompoundAssignmentExpression with read/write element/type getters. This interface is implemented by AssignmentExpression, PostfixExpression and PrefixExpression. Use it instead of staticElement and staticType of the left-hand side expressions (target expressions in case of postfix or prefix expressions with increment operator).
  • Changes to the way experiments are handled, and SDK version.
  • Bug fixes: 43268, 43214, 39642, 42379, 42629, 43168, 43144, 43100, 43032, 43073.

0.40.0 #

  • Added LibraryElement.featureSet.
  • Removed deprecated EmbedderSdk and related classes.
  • FunctionType returned from ExecutableElement.type return null as its element. Use ExecutableElements directly if necessary.
  • FunctionTypeAliasElement does not implement FunctionTypedElement anymore, implements TypeParameterizedElement instead.
  • Removed deprecated CustomUriResolver.
  • Removed deprecated ExplicitSourceResolver, FileUriResolver, LocalSourcePredicate, PackageUriResolver, RelativeFileUriResolver.
  • Removed deprecated ErrorCode instances.
  • The withNullability flag in DartType.getDisplayString() is now required.
  • Removed deprecated DartType.substitute2, and FunctionType.substitute3, use ClassElement.instantiate, FunctionTypeAliasElement.instantiate(), or FunctionType.instantiate().
  • Removed deprecated FunctionType.boundTypeParameters, use typeFormals for now. Later, it will be deprecated, and replaced with typeParameters.
  • Removed InterfaceType.instantiate(), InterfaceType.substitute4, use ClassElement.instantiate().
  • Removed typeParameters and instantiate() from ParameterizedType. Use typeParameters and instantiate() from ClassElement.
  • Removed deprecated methods from DeclaredVariables.
  • Removed deprecated typeProvider and typeSystem getters. Use corresponding LibraryElement getters instead.
  • Removed deprecated options from AnalysisOptions.
  • Removed deprecated ClassElement.hasReferenceToSuper.
  • Removed deprecated DartType.isObject. Use DartType.isDartCoreObject instead.
  • Removed deprecated declarations in AnalysisContext and ContextLocator.
  • Removed deprecated libraries.
  • Removed deprecated declarations from TypeProvider.
  • Removed deprecated ParseResult and ResolveResult.
  • Removed deprecated AnalysisContext.typeProvider and typeSystem. Use the corresponding getters of LibraryElement.
  • Removed deprecated methods of AnalysisSession.
  • Removed deprecated declarations from dart/ast/ast.dart.
  • Removed deprecated methods from AstFactory.
  • Removed deprecated parseFile2..
  • Removed deprecated TypeDefiningElement.type.
  • Features in Feature are not constants anymore.
  • Replaced Feature.firstSupportedVersion with releaseVersion.

0.39.17 #

  • Depend on cli_util 0.2.0.

0.39.16 #

  • Added TypeVisitorWithArgument and DartType.acceptWithArgument.
  • Bumped the analyzer's SDK requirement to >=2.7.0, so that extension methods can be used within the analyzer implementation. Previously it was 2.6.0, but there is an issue.

0.39.15 #

  • Move asInstanceOf(ClassElement) to DartType, so that it is also supported for TypeParameterType when its bound implements the requested interface.
  • Fixed invalid implicit downcast in InterfaceType.allSupertypes.
  • The internal currentVersion of the language updated to 2.10.
  • Bug fixes: 41065, 42797, 42770, 42668.

0.39.14 #

  • Removed defaultSdkDirectory() and getSdkProperty() from internal FolderBasedDartSdk. It is up to the clients to decide how to find SDK, for example using package:cli_util.
  • Fixed LintDriver for the new way to access WorkspacePackage.
  • Deprecated Scope.lookup(), use Scope.lookup2() instead.
  • Updated implementations of ContextBuilder.createContext() and ContextLocator.locateContexts to use the current SDK if sdkPath is not provided.
  • Bug fixes: #41981, #29731, #42720, #33545, #42599, #42699.

0.39.13 #

  • Added 'dart/sdk/build_sdk_summary.dart' with buildSdkSummary.
  • Added DynamicType, NeverType, and VoidType interfaces.
  • Added TypeVisitor and DartType.accept(TypeVisitor).
  • Changed ConstructorElement.returnType to InterfaceType.
  • Added InterfaceType.allSupertypes.
  • Added InterfaceType.asInstanceOf(ClassElement).
  • Removed deprecated internal bogus-disabled and bogus-enabled.
  • Added Scope, LibraryElement.scope, and PrefixElement.scope.
  • Bug fixes: #32192, #42620, #42256, #42605.

0.39.12 #

  • Deprecated canUseSummaries in DartSdkManager constructor. Summaries are not supported this way for SDK.
  • Set uri for implicit dart:core import.
  • Add overrideKnownFeaturesAsync() for DartDoc testing.
  • Remove DartSdk.useSummary.
  • Move TypeSystemImpl to src/dart/element/type_system.dart

0.39.11 #

  • Deprecated ClassElement.hasReferenceToSuper. It was used internally, should not be part of API.
  • Deprecated LibraryElement.languageVersionMajor/minor. Use LibraryElement.languageVersion to access more specific information.
  • Bug fixes: #42007, #42474, #37293, #42385, #36315, #42356, #42274, #42321, #42337, #27387, #34806, #37810, #41072, #42278, #38306, #35036, #23353, #42178, #42216, #42201.

0.39.10 #

  • Restored the default constructor in internal SummaryBuilder, and the featureSet named parameter in build, for build_resolvers compatibility. See #42163.

0.39.9 #

  • Deprecated DartType.isObject, use DartType.isDartCoreObject for consistency with other similar getters.
  • Deprecated InstanceCreationExpression.staticElement, use constructorName.staticElement instead, like for MethodInvocation.
  • Bug fixes: #34370, #35710, #37552, #38676, #38799, #39644, #41151, #41592, #41614, #41724, #41741, #41797, #41803, #41844, #41997, #42077, #42093, and #42122.

0.39.8 #

  • Deprecated VariableElement.constantValue, it does not guarantee that the value has been computed. Use computeConstantValue() instead.
  • Deprecated the following members of AnalysisOptions: analyzeFunctionBodiesPredicate, disableCacheFlushing, enableLazyAssignmentOperators, generateImplicitErrors, generateSdkErrors, patchPaths, preserveComments, trackCacheDependencies, and resetToDefaults.
  • Bug fixes: #35716, #37048, #40014, #40957, #41479, #41521, #41551, #41555, #41557, #41593, #41603, #41630, #41632, #41645.

0.39.7 #

  • Changed error code NULLABLE_TYPE_IN_CATCH_CLAUSE to a hint.
  • Bug fixes: #40554, #41378, #41399, #41412, and #41470.

0.39.6 #

  • Added Window and DocumentFragment to analyzer's mock SDK. These are required for upcoming changes to the unsafe_html lint.

0.39.5 #

  • Deprecated ClassElement.instantiateToBounds() and FunctionTypeAliasElement.instantiateToBounds(). With the null-safety feature, type arguments derived from type parameter bounds cannot be used as is, and might require erasing nullability, when the element is instantiated from a legacy library. Use TypeSystem.instantiateToBounds2() instead.
  • Deprecated DeclaredVariables.getBool/getInt/getString() and TypeProvider.nullObject. These methods are used internally for constants computation, and should not be used by clients.
  • Deprecated AstFactory.indexExpressionForCascade(). Please use indexExpressionForCascade2 instead.
  • Deprecated AstFactory.indexExpressionForTarget(). Please use indexExpressionForTarget2 instead.
  • Deprecated ClassElement.isOrInheritsProxy and ClassElement.isProxy. The @proxy annotation is deprecated in the language, and will be removed.
  • Renamed error code DEFAULT_LIST_CONSTRUCTOR_MISMATCH to DEFAULT_LIST_CONSTRUCTOR. This reflects a spec change: after null safety is enabled, it will be an error to call the default List constructor under all circumstances.
  • Added new warning code: INVALID_NULL_AWARE_OPERATOR.
  • Renamed warning code DEAD_NULL_COALESCE to DEAD_NULL_AWARE_EXPRESSION, to reflect the fact that it applies both to if-null expressions (??) and if-null compound assignment expressions (??=).
  • Fixed bugs 35940, 37122, 38554, 38666, 38791, 38990, 39059, 39597, 39694, 39762, 39791, 39833, 39875, 39876, 39917, 39939, 39976, 40033, 40055, 40057, 40110, 40129, 40221, 40279, 40283, 40287, 40299, 40304, 40316, 40333, 40392, 40394, 40396, 40398, 40413, 40414, 40460, 40482, 40500, 40538, 40546, 40547, 40572, 40578, 40603, 40609, 40677, 40689, 40701, 40704, 40734, 40764, 40837, 40865, 40915, 40931, 40941, 40955, 40956, 40958, 40959, 41019, 41036, 41050, 41095, 41130, and 41180.

0.39.4 #

  • Deprecated, use element or getDisplayString() instead.
  • Fixed bugs 35108 and 39996.

0.39.3 #

  • Bumped the analyzer's SDK requirement to >=2.6.0, so that extension methods can be used within the analyzer implementation.
  • Deprecated ErrorReporter.source setter. One file - one reporter.
  • Deprecated Element.getAncestor. Use thisOrAncestorMatching or thisOrAncestorOfType instead.
  • Deprecated DartType.displayName. Use getDisplayString instead.
  • Deprecated the following methods in InterfaceType: lookupGetter, lookUpGetterInSuperclass, lookUpInheritedGetter, lookUpInheritedGetterOrMethod, lookUpInheritedMethod, lookUpInheritedSetter, lookUpMethod, lookUpMethodInSuperclass, lookUpSetter, and lookUpSetterInSuperclass. Use lookUpGetter2(), lookUpMethod2(), or lookUpSetter2() instead, with concrete or inherited flags as necessary.
  • Deprecated ErrorReporter.reportTypeErrorForNode. Use reportErrorForNode instead.
  • Added new error codes: EXPORT_LEGACY_SYMBOL and DEAD_NULL_COALESCE.
  • Reclassified error codes as compile time errors: BREAK_LABEL_ON_SWITCH_MEMBER, CONTINUE_LABEL_ON_SWITCH, PART_OF_UNNAMED_LIBRARY.
  • Fixed bugs 37116, 38281, 38859, 39524, 39598, 39651, 39667, 39668, 39709, 39711, 39752, 39773, 39848, 39849, and 39880.

0.39.2+1 #

  • Fixed bug #39702.

0.39.2 #

  • Deprecated AnalysisSession.typeProvider and AnalysisSession.typeSystem. Please use the corresponding getters in LibraryElement instead.
  • Changed error code TYPE_PARAMETER_ON_CONSTRUCTOR from a CompileTimeErrorCode to a ParserErrorCode.
  • Removed warning code MIXED_RETURN_TYPES (this is now allowed by the language spec).
  • Bug fixes: 33745, 35677, 35677, 37504, 37936, 38506, 38551, 38734, 38813, 38878, 38953, 38992, 39051, 39115, 39117, 39120, 39192, 39250, 39267, 39380, 39389, 39402, 39407, 39476, 39509, 39532, 39563, 39618.

0.39.1 #

  • Deprecated DartType.substitute2(). Use ClassElement.instantiate() or FunctionTypeAliasElement.instantiate() instead.
  • Deprecated ParameterizedType.instantiate() and InterfaceType.instantiate(). Use ClassElement.instantiate() instead. Using FunctionType.instantiate() is still valid.
  • Deprecated FunctionTypeAliasElement.instantiate2, use instantiate2. In the next version instantiate2 will be removed.
  • Deprecated ParameterizedType.typeParameters. Please use ClassElement.typeParameters or FunctionType.typeFormals instead.
  • Bug fixes: 27617, 34378, 35607, 38494, 38582, 38583, 38643, 38761, 38991, 39089, 39111, 39156, 39158, 39170, 39171, 39178.

0.39.0 #

  • Removed deprecated DartType.isEquivalentTo.
  • Removed useDart2jsPaths argument in FolderBasedDartSdk constructor. Dartium does not exist anymore, so there is just one dart:html.
  • Removed several unused members of SourceFactory: context, localSourcePredicate, clone, fromEncoding, isLocalSource.
  • Removed deprecated method Element.computeNode.
  • Removed deprecated getter CompilationUnitElement.unit.
  • Removed deprecated method Element.computeDocumentationComment.
  • Removed unused wrapped.dart with WrappedLibraryElement, etc.
  • Removed deprecated 'bestElement', 'bestType', 'propagatedElement', 'propagatedType', etc. Use 'staticElement' and 'staticType' instead.
  • Removed deprecated 'Declaration.element'. Use 'Declaration.declaredElement' instead.
  • Removed deprecated 'Expression.precedence2'. Use 'precedence' instead.
  • Removed ResolutionMap resolutionMap. Use corresponding accessors on AstNode(s) directly to get elements and types.
  • Removed 'InheritanceManager2'. Use 'InheritanceManager3' instead.
  • Removed 'InheritanceManager'. Use 'InheritanceManager3' instead.
  • Removed deprecated methods in DartType: flattenFutures, isAssignableTo, isEquivalentTo, isMoreSpecificThan, isSubtypeOf, isSupertypeOf, isDirectSupertypeOf. Use corresponding methods of TypeSystem instead.
  • Removed deprecated getters for checking a specific annotations on 'Element': isAlwaysThrows, isDeprecated, isFactory, isJS, isOverride, isProtected, isRequired, isVisibleForTesting. Use corresponding hasXyz getters.
  • Removed 'LocalElement.visibleRange'. Visible ranges of local variables and functions can be computed when AST is available.
  • Removed unused LibraryElement.libraryCycle.
  • Removed ElementHandle and ElementResynthesizer.
  • Remove ElementBuilder, DeclarationResolver, DirectiveResolver, TypeParameterBoundsResolver, TypeResolverVisitor, etc. Use ResolutionVisitor instead, it combines all these operations.
  • Removed FunctionTypeAliasElement.instantiate, use instantiate2 for now. In the next version instantiate will be re-introduced with the same signature and semantics as instantiate2, and instantiate2 will be deprecated and removed in the next breaking change version.
  • Stop setting types for identifiers where they are not expressions. Specifically, where a SimpleIdentifier is the name of a declaration, or Identifier is the name of the class in a TypeName.
  • Removed transitional InheritanceManagerBase.
  • Removed deprecated method ArgumentList.correspondingPropagatedParameters. Use ArgumentList.correspondingStaticParameters instead.
  • Removed deprecated getter PrefixElement.importedLibraries. It was never implemented.
  • Removed deprecated getter VariableElement.isPotentiallyMutatedInClosure and VariableElement.isPotentiallyMutatedInScope. Please use the corresponding methods in FunctionBody instead.
  • Bug fixes: 33441, 35777, 35993, 37898, 38560, 38803, 38811, 38900, 38911.

0.38.5 #

  • Added the interface PromotableElement, which representing variables that can be type promoted (local variables and parameters, but not fields).
  • Deprecated the boolean AnalysisDriver.useSummary2. Summary1 support has been removed, so clients should assume Summary2 is in use now.
  • Deprecated the constructor argument useDart2jsPaths for SdkLibrariesReader. We now always use Dart2js paths.
  • Bug fixes: #37608, #37708, #37867, #38498, #38565, #38572, #38589, #38641, #38653, #38667, #38695, #38706.

0.38.4 #

  • Bug fixes: #33300, #38484, #38505.

0.38.3 #

  • Deprecated the following codes from StaticWarningCode. Please use the corresponding error codes from CompileTimeErrorCode instead:
  • Bug fixes: #33749, #35985, #37708, #37857, #37858, #37859, #37945, #38022, #38057, #38071, #38091, #38095, #38105, #38113, #38198, #38202, #38203, #38261, #38282, #38365, #38417, #38448, #38449.

0.38.2 #

  • The type of FunctionTypeAlias.declaredElement has been refined to FunctionTypeAliasElement. Since the new type is a refinement of the old one, the only effect on clients should be to make certain casts unnecessary.
  • Deprecated HintCode.INVALID_REQUIRED_PARAM and replaced it with more specific hints, HintCode.INVALID_REQUIRED_NAMED_PARAM, HintCode.INVALID_REQUIRED_OPTIONAL_POSITIONAL_PARAM, and HintCode.INVALID_REQUIRED_POSITIONAL_PARAM to address #36966.
  • Deprecated CompileTimeErrorCode.NOT_ENOUGH_REQUIRED_ARGUMENTS. It has been renamed to CompileTimeErrorCode.NOT_ENOUGH_POSITIONAL_ARGUMENTS.

0.38.1 #

  • LinterVistor support for extension method AST nodes.

0.38.0 #

  • The deprecated method AstFactory.compilationUnit2 has been removed. Clients should switch back to AstFactory.compilationUnit.
  • Removed the deprecated constructor ParsedLibraryResultImpl.tmp and the deprecated method ResolvedLibraryResultImpl.tmp. Please use AnalysisSession.getParsedLibraryByElement and AnalysisSession.getResolvedLibraryByElement instead.
  • Removed MethodElement.getReifiedType.
  • The return type of ClassMemberElement.enclosingElement was changed from ClassElement to Element.

0.37.1+1 #

  • Reverted an unintentional breaking API change (the return type of ClassMemberElement.enclosingElement was changed from ClassElement to Element). This change will be postponed until 0.38.0.

0.37.1 #

  • Added the getters isDartCoreList, isDartCoreMap, isDartCoreNum, isDartCoreSet, isDartCoreSymbol, and isDartCoreObject to DartType.
  • Added the method DartObject.toFunctionValue.
  • Deprecated the isEquivalentTo(DartType) method of DartType. The operator == now correctly considers two types equal if and only if they represent the same type as defined by the spec.
  • Deprecated the isMoreSpecificThan(DartType) method of DartType. Deprecated the isMoreSpecificThan(DartType) method of TypeSystem. Deprecated the isSupertypeOf(DartType) method of TypeSystem. Use TypeSystem.isSubtypeOf(DartType) instead.
  • Deprecated methods flattenFutures, isAssignableTo of DartType. Use TypeSystem.flatten() and TypeSystem.isAssignableTo instead.
  • Deprecated InheritanceManager2, and replaced with InheritanceManager3. InheritanceManager3 returns ExecutableElements, not FunctionType(s).
  • Added the optional parameter path to parseString.
  • Changed TypeSystem.resolveToBound(DartType) implementation to do what its documentation says.
  • This version of the analyzer should contain all the necessary parsing support and AST data structures for the experimental "extension-methods" feature. Further element model improvements needed to support extension methods will be published in 0.38.x.
  • Deprecated InterfaceType.isDirectSupertypeOf. There is no replacement; this method was not intended to be used outside of the analyzer.

0.37.0 #

  • Removed deprecated getter DartType.isUndefined.
  • Removed deprecated class SdkLibrariesReader.
  • Removed deprecated method InstanceCreationExpressionImpl.canBeConst.
  • The AstFactory.compilationUnit method now uses named parameters. Clients that prepared for this change by switching to AstFactory.compilationUnit2 should now switch back to AstFactory.compilationUnit.
  • Removed AstNode.getAncestor. Please use AstNode.thisOrAncestorMatching or AstNode.thisOrAncestorOfType.
  • Removed deprecated getter TypeSystem.isStrong, and its override Dart2TypeSystem.isStrong.
  • Removed the deprecated getter AnalysisError.isStaticOnly and the deprecated setters AnalysisError.isStaticOnly and AnalysisError.offset.
  • Removed the abstract setter in ClassElementImpl, EnumElementImpl, MethodElementImpl, and PropertyAccessorElementImpl. isAbstract should be used instead.
  • Removed methods AstVisitor.ForStatement2, ListLiteral.elements2, SetOrMapLiteral.elements2, AstFactory.forStatement2, and NodeLintRegistry.addForStatement2, as well as class ForStatement2. Use the variants with out the "2" suffix instead.
  • Changed the signature and behavior of parseFile to match parseFile2. Clients that switched to using parseFile2 when parseFile was deprecated should now switch back to parseFile.
  • Removed Parser setters enableControlFlowCollections, enableNonNullable, enableSpreadCollections, and enableTripleShift, and the method configureFeatures. Made the featureSet parameter of the Parser constructor a required parameter.

0.36.4 #

  • Deprecated the isNonNullableUnit parameter of the TypeResolverVisitor constructor. TypeResolverVisitor should now be configured using the featureSet parameter.
  • Refined the return type of the getter TypeParameter.declaredElement. It is always guaranteed to return a TypeParameterElement.
  • Deprecated the abstract setter in ClassElementImpl, EnumElementImpl, MethodElementImpl, and PropertyAccessorElementImpl. isAbstract should be used instead.
  • Changed the way function types are displayed from e.g. (int) -> void to void Function(int). This is more consistent with the syntax of Dart, and it will avoid ambiguities when nullability is added to the type system. This impacts to value returned by FunctionType.displayName and FunctionType.toString and ExecutableElement.toString. Client code might be broken if it depends on the content of the returned value.
  • Introduced the function parseString to the public API. This can be used in place of the deprecated functions parseCompilationUnit and parseDirectives. Note that there is no option to parse only directives, since this functionality is broken anyway (parseDirectives, despite its name, parses the entire compilation unit).
  • Changed the return type of ClassTypeAlias.declaredElement to ClassElement. There is no functional change; it has always returned an instance of ClassElement.
  • Deprecated parseFile. Please use parseFile2 instead--in addition to supporting the same featureSet and throwIfDiagnostics parameters as parseString, it is much more efficient than parseFile.
  • Added more specific deprecation notices to package:analyzer/analyzer.dart to direct clients to suitable replacements.
  • Deprecated the enable flags bogus-disabled and bogus-enabled. Clients should not be relying on the presence of these flags.
  • Deprecated the constructor parameter ConstantEvaluationEngine.forAnalysisDriver, which no longer has any effect.
  • Deprecated ElementImpl.RIGHT_ARROW.

0.36.3 #

  • Deprecated AstFactory.compilationUnit. In a future analyzer release, this method will be changed so that all its parameters are named parameters. Clients wishing to prepare for this should switch to using AstFactory.compilationUnit2.
  • Deprecated Parser setters enableControlFlowCollections, enableNonNullable, enableSpreadCollections, and enableTripleShift, as well as the recently-introduced method configureFeatures. Parsers should now be configured by passing a FeatureSet object to the Parser constructor.
  • Deprecated AnalysisError.isStaticOnly.
  • Deprecated AnalysisError.offset setter.
  • Added method LinterContext.canBeConstConstructor.
  • Bug fixes: #36732, #36775.

0.36.2 #

  • Bug fixes: #36724.

0.36.1 #

  • Deprecated DartType.isUndefined, and now it always returns false.
  • The "UI as code" features (control_flow_collections and spread_collections) are now enabled.
  • Bug fixes: #32918, #36262, #36380, #36439, #36492, #36529, #36576, #36667, #36678, #36691.

0.36.0 #

  • Changed the return type of Expression.precendence to Precedence. Clients that prepared for this change by switching to Expression.precedence2 should now return to using Expression.precedence.
  • AST cleanup related to the "UI as code" feature:
    • Removed the following AST node types:
      • ForEachStatement (use ForStatement instead)
      • MapLiteral and MapLiteral2 (use SetOrMapLiteral instead)
      • SetLiteral and SetLiteral2 (use SetOrMapLiteral instead)
      • ListLiteral2 (use ListLiteral instead)
    • Deprecated ForStatement2 (use ForStatement instead)
    • Removed the following visit methods:
      • visitForEachStatement (override visitForStatement instead)
      • visitMapLiteral and visitMapLiteral2 (override visitSetOrMapLiteral instead)
      • visitSetLiteral and visitSetLiteral2 (override visitSetOrMapLiteral instead)
      • visitListLiteral2 (override visitListLiteral instead)
    • Deprecated the visitForStatement2 visit method (use VisitForStatement instead)
    • Removed the following AstFactory methods:
      • mapLiteral and mapLiteral2 (use setOrMapLiteral instead)
      • setLiteral and setLiteral2 (use setOrMapLiteral instead)
      • listLiteral2 (use listLiteral instead)
    • Deprecated AstFactory.forStatement2, and introduced AstFactory.forStatement to replace it
    • Changed the type of the getter ListLiteral.elements to NodeList<CollectionElement>
    • Deprecated ListLiteral.elements2 (use ListLiteral.elements instead)
    • Deprecated SetOrMapLiteral.elements2, and introduced SetOrMapLiteral.elements to replace it
    • Deprecated NodeLintRegistry.addForStatement2 (use NodeLintRegistry.addForStatement instead)
  • Bug fixes: #36158, #36212, #36255

0.35.4 #

  • Deprecated AST structures that will no longer be used after the control_flow_collections and spread_collections experiments are enabled. The following AST node types are deprecated:
    • ForEachStatement (use ForStatement2 instead)
    • ForStatement (use ForStatement2 instead)
    • MapLiteral (use SetOrMapLiteral instead)
    • SetLiteral (use SetOrMapLiteral instead)
  • Deprecated visit methods that will no longer be used after the control_flow_collections and spread_collections experiments are enabled. The following visit methods are deprecated:
    • visitForEachStatement (override visitForStatement2 instead)
    • visitForStatement (override visitForStatement2 instead)
    • visitMapLiteral (override visitSetOrMapLiteral instead)
    • visitSetLiteral (override visitSetOrMapLiteral instead)
  • Deprecated ASTFactory methods that will no longer be available after the control_flow_collections and spread_collections experiments are enabled. The following factory methods are deprecated:
    • mapLiteral and mapLiteral2 (use setOrMapLiteral instead)
    • setLiteral and setLiteral2 (use setOrMapLiteral instead)
  • Bug fixes: #33119, #33241, #35747, #35900, #36048, #36129
  • The analyzer no longer uses package:html (see #35802)

0.35.3 #

  • Further updates to the AST structure for the control_flow_collections and spread_collections experiments. The following AST node types will be deprecated soon:
    • ForEachStatement (use ForStatement2 instead)
    • ForStatement (use ForStatement2 instead)
    • MapLiteral (use SetOrMapLiteral instead)
    • SetLiteral (use SetOrMapLiteral instead)
  • Deprecated Expression.precedence. In analyzer version 0.36.0, its return type will be changed to Precedence. Clients that wish to prepare for the change can switch to Expression.precedence2.
  • Bug fixes: #35908, #35993 (workaround).

0.35.2 #

  • Updated support in the AST structure for the control_flow_collections and spread_collections experiments. The following methods are now deprecated:
    • AstFactory.mapLiteral2 and AstFactory.setLiteral2 (replaced by AstFactory.setOrMapLiteral).
    • AstVisitor.visitListLiteral2 (clients should not need to override this anymore).
    • AstVisitor.visitMapLiteral2 and AstVisitor.visitSetLiteral2 (replaced by AstVisitor.visitSetOrMapLiteral).
  • Started to add support for strict-inference as an analysis option.
  • Bug fixes: #35870, #35922, #35936, #35940,

0.35.1 #

  • The new "set literals" language feature is now enabled by default.
  • The dev_dependency analysis_tool was created so that clients do not have to depend on code that is used internally in the analyzer at development time.
  • The InheritanceManager class is now deprecated. The new InheritanceManager2 class now supports accessing inherited interface/class maps.
  • Added quick assists to support set literals.
  • Added the ability for linter tests to drive the analyzer using custom analysis options.
  • Updated support in the AST structure for the control_flow_collections and spread_collections experiments. The new AST structures are still in development.
  • Bug fixes: #34437, #35127, #35141, #35306, #35621.

0.35.0 #

  • Added support in the AST structure for the control_flow_collections and spread_collections experiments. This includes adding new visitor methods to AstVisitor, which will need to be implemented by any classes that implement AstVisitor directly. Concrete implementations were added to other visitor classes (such as RecursiveAstVisitor) so that clients that extend those other classes will not be impacted.
  • Removed EMPTY_LIST constants. Please use const <...>[] instead.
  • Disabled support for the task model. Please use the new AnalysisSession API.
  • Removed StrongTypeSystemImpl. Please use Dart2TypeSystem instead.
  • Made ERROR the default severity for StaticWarningCode. We no longer need to promote warnings to errors in "strong mode" because strong mode is the only mode.
  • Added exact type analysis for set literals (#35742).
  • Bug fixes: #35305, #35750.

0.34.3 #

  • Non-breaking AST changes in support for the control_flow_collections and spread_collections experiments. Clients who wish to begin adding support for these experiments can depend on this release of the analyzer and begin writing visit methods. The visit methods won't be added to the AstVisitor base class until 0.35.0.
  • Bug fixes: #35551, #35708, #35723.

0.34.2 #

  • Removed support for the @checked annotation. Please use the covariant keyword instead (#28797).
  • Did additional work on the new set_literals and constant_update_2018 features.
  • Began adding a string representation of initializer expressions to summaries (#35418).
  • Added a pub aware workspace so that pub packages can be handled properly.
  • Added logging in an effort to track down #35551.
  • Removed the unused hint code INVALID_ASSIGNMENT.
  • Added a hint enforcing the contract of @literal: NON_CONST_CALL_TO_LITERAL_CONSTRUCTOR.
  • Added a hint INVALID_LITERAL_ANNOTATION (#34259).
  • Fixed handling of @immutable on mixins.
  • Did work on @sealed annotation for classes and mixins.
  • Bug fixes: #25860, #29394, #33930, #35090, #35441, #35458, #35467, #35548.

0.34.1 #

  • Added logic to report a hint if a deprecated lint is specified in the user's analysis_options.yaml file, or if a lint is specified twice.
  • Added a note to the UriResolver documentation alerting clients of an upcoming breaking change.
  • Improved parser recovery.
  • Speculative work on fine-grained dependency tracking (not yet enabled).
  • Initial support for new language features set_literals and constant_update_2018.
  • Early speculative work on non-nullable types.
  • Added AnalysisDriver.resetUriResolution().
  • Deprecated TypeSystem.isStrong.
  • Added WorkspacePackage classes, for determining whether two files are in the "same package."
  • Added a public API for the TypeSystem class.
  • Bug fixes: #33946, #35151, #35223, #35241, #35438.

0.34.0 #

  • Support for declarations-casts has been removed and the implicit-casts option now has the combined semantics of both options. This means that users that disable implicit-casts might now see errors that were not previously being reported.
  • Minor changes to the AnalysisSession and AnalysisDriver APIs to make it easier for clients to transition away from using the task model.
  • Minor changes to the linter API to make it easier for lint rules to define their own lint codes.
  • Add a version of getAncestor that matches by type without a closure.
  • Add an AST structure for set literals.
  • Bug fixes: #35162, #35230, #34733, #34741, #33553, #35090, #32815, #34387, #34495, #35043, #33553, #34906, #34489.

0.33.6+1 #

  • Added a note to the UriResolver documentation alerting clients of an upcoming breaking change.

0.33.6 #

  • Deprecated AstNode.getAncestor and introduced AstNode.thisOrAncestorMatching as its replacement.

0.33.5 #

  • Add AnalysisSession.getResolvedLibrary()/ByElement() APIs.

0.33.4 #

  • Add a hint when either Future or Stream are imported from dart:core in a package that is expected to work with an SDK before 2.1 where they were required to be imported from dart:async.
  • Add a new "deprecated" maturity for lints
  • Don't report DEPRECATED_MEMBER_USE for deprecated mixins, top-level variables, and class fields.
  • Various bug fixes.

0.33.3+2 #

  • Update SDK requirement to 2.1.0-dev.5.0. From now on, the analyzer may import Future from dart:core. (#35158)

0.33.3+1 #

  • Fix missing import of dart:async. (#35158)

0.33.3 #

  • Backport Parsed/ResolvedLibraryResultImpl and ElementDeclarationResult.

0.33.2 #

  • Protect against self-referencing classes in InheritanceManager2. (#34333)
  • Introduce API so that the linter can be migrated away from Element.context.

0.33.1 #

  • Fix circular typedef stack overflow. (#33599)
  • Check that the implemented member is a valid override of the member from the super constraint. (#34693)
  • Begin replacing InheritanceManager with InheritanceManager2 and deprecate older members.
  • Performance fixups with Analysis Driver.
  • Verify the superconstraint signature invoked by a mixin. (#34896)
  • In_matchInterfaceSubtypeOf, account for mixins having null. (#34907)

0.33.0 #

  • Support handling 'class C with M', with extends missing.
  • Further support and bugfixes for Dart 2.1-style mixin declarations.
  • Fixes for int2double support.
  • Performance improvements for analysis and summary generation.
  • Allow "yield" as a label, and "operator" as a static method name (#33672, #33673)

0.33.0-alpha.0 #

  • Switch to using the parser from front_end.
  • Start implementing the new mixin syntax.

0.32.4 #

  • Updated SDK constraint to <3.0.0.
  • Updated to be compatible with Dart 2 void usage semantics.
  • Deprecate the AnalysisOptions.strongMode flag. This is now hard-coded to always return true.

0.32.3 #

  • Pull fix in kernel package where non-executable util.dart was moved out of bin/.

0.32.2 #

  • Improved const evaluation analysis (new errors for const A(B()) if B is non-const).
  • Parser recovery improvements.

0.32.1 #

  • The Parser() class now by default will parse with optional new or const. This affects many APIs, for instance, analyzer.dart's parseCompilationUnit().
  • Add the ability to specify a pathContext when creating a ContextRoot (not part of the officially supported API, but needed by some clients).
  • AnalysisSession now exports resourceProvider.
  • Function type parameters are now invariant. (#29014)
  • New logic to find source files generated by package:build when that build system is detected.
  • Data stored by FileDataStore is now checked using CRC32.
  • Add ability for the angular plugin to set ErrorVerifier.enclosingClass.

0.32.0 #

  • Allow annotations on enum constants.
  • Analyzer fully supports being run on the VM with --preview-dart-2.
  • Fix heap usage regression by not storing bytes in the file cache.
  • Add AnalysisSessionHelper.getTopLevelPropertyAccessor().
  • Don't infer types when there's an irreconcilable type mismatch (#32305)
  • Many fasta parser improvements.
  • Use @isTest and @isTestGroup to understand executable element as a test/group. To use, add @isTest annotations (from package:meta) to the methods in their package which define a test.
void myMagicTest(String name, FutureOr Function() body) {
  test(name, body);

When subscribed to notifications for outlines of a test file, they will include elements for UNIT_TEST_GROUP and UNIT_TEST_TEST.

  • Improve guess for type name identifier. (#32765)
  • Fix LineInfo.getOffsetOfLineAfter().
  • Remove some flutter specific analysis code.
  • Fix resolution tests when run locally.

0.31.2-alpha.2 #

  • Refactoring to make element model logic sharable with linker. (#32525, #32674)
  • Gracefully handle an invalid packages file. (#32560)
  • Fix silent inconsistency in top level inference. (#32394)
  • Fix test to determine whether a library is in the SDK. (#32707)
  • Fix for type inference from instance creation arguments.
  • Make GenericFunctionTypeElementForLink implement GenericFunctionTypeElementImpl (#32708)
  • Check for missing required libraries dart:core and dart:async. (#32686)
  • Add callable object support. (#32156, #32157, #32426)
  • Avoid putting libraries of all analyzed units in the current session. (too expensive)
  • Deprecate the option to enable using a URI in a part-of directive.
  • Support implicit call() invocation in top-level inference. (#32740)
  • Don't emit errors for lint rule names.
  • Allow empty flutter: sections in pubspec files.
  • Remove the special casing of 'packages' files from the analyzer and analysis server.
  • Initial implementation of API to build analysis contexts (replacing ContextLocator.locateContexts).
  • Fix regression in Analyzer callable function support. (#32769)
  • Several performance enhancements, including:
    • Add a shared cache of FileState contents (making flutter repo analysis ~12% faster).
    • Replace SourceFactory.resolveUri() with resolveRelativeUri() in resynthesizer. (10% faster flutter repo analysis)
    • Optimize computing exported namespaces in FileState.
    • Optimize computing exported namespaces in prelinker. (8% faster flutter repo analysis)
    • Add NodeLintRule and UnitLintRule that replace AstVisitor in lints. (6% faster flutter repo analysis)
  • Remove fuzzy arrow support from analyzer. (#31637)
  • More fixes for running the analyzer with Dart 2.
  • Add isXYZ accessors to ParameterElementForLink_VariableSetter. (#32896)
  • Deprecated/removed some unused classes and libraries from the public API.
  • Instantiate bounds to bounds.
  • Use package:path instead of AbsolutePathContext.
  • Check that argument is assignable to parameter in call() (#27098)
  • preview-dart-2 is now the default for the command line analyzer, also implying strong. Use --no-strong and --no-preview-dart-2 to handle Dart 1 code.
  • Export SyntheticBeginToken and SyntheticToken from the analyzer for angular_analyzer_plugin.
  • Improve error messages for annotations involving undefined names (#27788)
  • Add support for getting parse results synchronously.
  • Change linter subscriptions from functions to AstVisitor(s).

0.31.2-alpha.1 #

  • Don't expect type arguments for class type parameters of static methods. (#32396)
  • Beginnings of changes to make analyzer code --preview-dart-2 safe, though this version is not vetted for that.
  • Infer type arguments in constructor redirections (#30855)
  • Report errors on "as void" and "is void".
  • Fix instantiating typedefs to bounds (#32114)
  • preview-dart-2 implies strong-mode now and other preview-dart-2 fixes.
  • Store method invocation arguments in summaries when needed for inference (partial fix for #32394)
  • Fix top-level inference and implicit creation (#32397)
  • Do not hint when only a responsive asset exists (#32250)
  • Do not hint when using a deprecated parameter in the defining function (#32468)
  • Fix parsing of super expressions (#32393)
  • Disable conflicting generics test in the task model (#32421)
  • Change how we find analysis roots (#31343, #31344)
  • Fix problem with AST re-writing interacting poorly with inference (#32342)
  • Disallow if a class inconsistently implements a generic interface.
  • Infer void for operator[]= return in task mode for DDC (#32241)
  • Finish and improve mixin type inference in the analyzer (#32146, #32353, #32372)
  • Many enhancements to getElementDeclarations() (#29510, #32495)
  • Remove hint when there's no return from a Future
  • Add a code range to ElementDeclaration (#29510)
  • Many, many fasta parser changes and improvements.
  • Add missing void annotation (#32161)
  • Add more null-aware hints (#32239)
  • Fix implicit new/const computation (#32221)
  • Treat invocations on dynamic as unknown, except for return type of == (#32173)
  • Fix crash in generic function type argument of unresolved class (#32162)
  • Fix path formatting on windows (#32095)
  • front_end implementation of mixin type inference (#31984)
  • analysis_options no longer breaks some properties (#31345)

0.31.2-alpha.0 #

  • front_end handling of callable classes (#32064)
  • Improve fasta parser error reporting.
  • Check for unresolved imports to improve handling of optional new/const (#32150).
  • Changes to front_end handling of callable classes.
  • Normalize Windows drive letters to uppercase for analysis (#32095, #32042, #28895).
  • Relax void errors: no error assigning void to void variable.
  • Keep unresolved import/export directives for task based analysis (dart-lang/angular#801).
  • Promote TOP_LEVEL_CYCLE to an error.
  • Code cleanups.

0.31.1 #

  • Update to reflect that _InternalLinkedHashMap is not a subtype of HashMap in sdk 2.0.0-dev.22.0.

0.31.0+1 #

  • Update SDK constraint to require Dart v2-dev release.

0.31.0 #

  • NOTE This release was pulled from the package site due to an invalid SDK constraint that was fixed in 0.31.0+1.

  • A number of updates, including support for the new Function syntax.

0.30.0-alpha.0 #

  • Changed the API for creating BazelWorkspace. It should now be constructed using BazelWorkspace.find(). Note that this might return null in the event that the given path is not part of a BazelWorkspace.
  • Added an AST structure to support asserts in constructor initializers (AssertInitializer). AstVisitor classes must now implement visitAssertInitializer().
  • Changed the API for creating PartOfDirective. It now accepts a StringLiteral URI, to accommodate "part of" declarations with a URI string rather than a library name.
  • Removed AST constructors. AST nodes should now be created using astFactory, located in package:analyzer/dart/ast/standard_ast_factory.dart.

0.29.0-alpha.0 #

  • Removed Element.docRange.

0.28.2-alpha.0 #

  • Corresponds with the analyzer/server in the 1.20.0-dev.1.0 SDK.

0.28.0-alpha.2 #

  • Fixed PubSummaryManager linking when a listed package does not have the unlinked bundle.

0.27.4-alpha.19 #

  • Added support for running the dev compiler in the browser.

0.27.4-alpha.18 #

  • Support for references to operators in doc comments (#26929).

0.27.4-alpha.17 #

  • Support for trailing commas in parameter and argument lists (#26647).
  • Strong mode breaking change: can now infer generic type arguments from the constructor invocation arguments (#25220).

0.27.4-alpha.16 #

  • (Internal) Corresponds with the analyzer/server in the 1.18.0-dev.4.0 SDK.

0.27.4-alpha.9 #

  • Restore EmbedderUriResolver API.

0.27.4-alpha.8 #

  • Ignore processing performance improvements.
  • EmbedderUriResolver API updates.

0.27.4 #

  • Added support for 'analysis_options.yaml' files as an alternative to '.analysis_options' files.

0.27.1 #

  • Moved the public and private API's for the element model into their proper places.
  • Added back support for auto-processing of plugins.

0.27.0 #

  • Support for DEP 37 (Assert with optional message).
  • Lexical support for DEP 40 (Interface libraries). This does not include any semantic checking to ensure that the implementation libraries are compatible with the interface library.
  • Cleaned up the initialization of plugins. Clients are now required to initialize plugins, possibly using the utility method AnalysisEngine.processRequiredPlugins().
  • Removed the old task model and code that supported it. None of the removed code was intended to be public API, but might be in use anyway.
  • Removed previously deprecated API's (marked with the @deprecated annotation).

0.26.4 #

  • Options processing API updated to accept untyped options maps (#25126).

0.26.3 #

  • (Internal) Support for _embedder.yaml discovery and processing.

0.26.2 #

  • Add code generation utilities for use in both analyzer and analysis server.

0.26.1+17 #

  • (Internal) Introduced context configuration logic (configureContext() extracted from server).

0.26.1+16 #

  • (Internal) Options validation plugin API update.

0.26.1+15 #

  • (Internal) Provisional options validation plugin API.

0.26.1+13 #

  • (Internal) Plugin processing fixes.

0.26.1+11 #

  • Fixes to address lint registry memory leaking.

0.26.1+10 #

  • New AnalysisContext API for associating configuration data with contexts (setConfigurationData() and getConfigurationData()).

0.26.1+9 #

  • OptionsProcessor extension point API changed to pass associated AnalysisContext instance into the optionsProcessed call-back.

0.26.1+6 #

  • Provisional (internal) plugin manifest parsing.

0.26.1+5 #

  • Plugin configuration ErrorHandler typedef API fix.

0.26.1+4 #

  • Provisional (internal) support for plugin configuration via .analysis_options.

0.26.1+2 #

  • Extension point for WorkManagerFactory(s).
  • Resolve enum documentation comments.
  • Fix display of parameter lists in servers Element structure (issue 24194)
  • Band-aid fix for issue #24191.

0.26.1+1 #

  • Removed a warning about importing unnamed libraries
  • Fix handling of empty URIs in .packages files (issue 24126)

0.26.1 #

  • Fix line starts in multiline comments (issue 23919).
  • Various small fixes to Windows path handling.
  • Update LineInfo computation during incremental resolution.
  • Make exclude list apply to contexts (issue 23941).
  • Fix type propagation for asynchronous for-in statements.
  • Fix ToStringVisitor for external functions (issue 23968).
  • Fix sorting of compilation unit members.
  • Add forwarding for DefaultFormalParameter metadata.
  • Fix most implementations of UriResolver.restoreAbsolute.
  • Disable dart2js hints by default.
  • Support older SDKs (Dart 1.11).

0.26.0 #

  • Add hook for listening to implicitly analyzed files
  • Add a PathFilter and AnalysisOptionsProvider utility classes to aid clients in excluding files from analysis when directed to do so by an options file.
  • API change: UriResolver.resolveUri(..) now takes an optional actualUri.
  • Change ResolutionCopier.visitAwaitExpression to copy *Type fields.
  • Fix highlight range for missing enum constant in switch (issue 23904).
  • Fix analyzer's treatment of ClassName?.staticMember to match spec.
  • Implement DEP 34 (less restricted mixins).
  • Fix some implementations of UriResolver.resolveUri(..) that did not properly handle the new actualUri argument.

0.25.2 #

  • Requires Dart SDK 1.12-dev or greater
  • Enable null-aware operators (DEP 9) by default.
  • Generic method support in the element model.

0.25.2-alpha.1 #

  • dart:sdk extension .sdkext changed to _sdkext (to play nicer with pub).

0.25.2-alpha.0 #

  • Initial support for analyzing dart:sdk extensions from .sdkext.

0.25.1 #

  • (Internal) code reorganization to address analysis warnings due to SDK reorg.
  • First steps towards .packages support.

0.25.0 #

  • Commandline interface moved to dedicated analyzer_cli package. Files moved:
    • bin/analyzer.dart
    • lib/options.dart
    • lib/src/analyzer_impl.dart
    • lib/src/error_formatter.dart
  • Removed dependency on the args package.

0.22.1 #

  • Changes in the async/await support.

0.22.0 #

New API:

  • Source.uri added.

    Breaking changes:

  • DartSdk.fromEncoding replaced with fromFileUri.

  • Source.resolveRelative replaced with resolveRelativeUri.

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This package provides a library that performs static analysis of Dart code.

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