amplify_datastore 0.0.1-dev.6
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Flutter Android iOS

The Amplify Flutter DataStore category plugin.

amplify_datastore #

Default plugin for the Amplify Flutter DataStore category

Visit our Web Site to learn more about AWS Amplify.

Development #

Build #

To build this library for Android, do:

flutter builder aar --no-profile

Dependencies #

If you are consuming a development version of the Amplify Android library, familiarize yourself with its documentation on Consuming Development Versions of the Framework. You will need to checkout and build Amplify Android, and save artifacts in your local maven repository.

Once you've done that, update the ./android/build.gradle in this project to include mavenLocal() to your repository specifications:

buildscript {
    repositories {
rootProject.allprojects {
    repositories {

Refer to the local copies of the library that you built:

    implementation "com.amplifyframework:aws-datastore:main"
    implementation "com.amplifyframework:aws-api-appsync:main"