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A dart airkiss lib.

airkiss_dart[nullsafety] #

pub package

A dart wechat airkiss lib to config IOT device from sintrb. View on GitHub origin

Usage #

To use this plugin, add airkiss_dart as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

  airkiss_dart: ^1.0.1

Example #

import 'package:airkiss/airkiss_dart.dart';

import 'package:airkiss/airkiss_dart.dart';

void test(String ssid, String pwd) async {
  print('config ssid:$ssid, pwd:$pwd');
  AirkissConfig ac = AirkissConfig();
  var res = await ac.config(ssid, pwd);
  if (res != null) {
    print('result: $res');
  else {
        'config failed!!! please ensure phone/pc connected to Wi—Fi[$ssid] with 2.4GHz Channel(NOT 5GHz Channel)');

void main() {
  test("SSID", "PASSWORD");