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An address search field which helps to autocomplete an address by a reference. It can be used to get Directions beetwen two points.

[5.0.3] #

  • Fix null check operator in setLocation method.

[5.0.2] #

  • Add style options for icon and text colors.
  • Update dependencies.

[5.0.1] #

  • BREAKING CHANGES: read documentation is needed. #

[4.0.0] #

  • Fix null safety migration.

[3.1.0-nullsafety.0] #

  • AddressSearchDialog widget is private now.
  • google_maps_flutter and http plugins implementation updated.
  • Migrate to null safety.
  • Documentation updated.

[3.0.10] #

  • country parameter is not longer required in GeoMethods.
  • countryCode parameter is not longer required in GeoMethods.
  • New parameter countryCodes added in GeoMethods to autocomplete an address filtering up to 5 countries.
  • New method copyWith added in GeoMethods to use a modified copy from an object of this type.
  • countryCode parameter is required in the GeoMethods object to run getDirections method.

[3.0.9] #

  • city parameter is not longer required in GeoMethods.

[3.0.8] #

  • New typedefs for functions.
  • All tests passed.

[3.0.7] #

  • New extensions to convert List<Address> to List<Coords> and List<Address> to List<Coords>.


  • relocate function has a new param called changeReference to update Coords in an internal Address now.


  • Internal params are public and final now.
  • update function becomes in copyWith and it gives back an Address.


  • update function added.

[3.0.6] #

  • Extensions for LatLng and LatLngBounds to convert them into Coords and Bounds addded.

[3.0.5] #

  • New AddressLocator widget to set an initial address reference in a TextEditingController.
  • originIsMyLocation param removed in RouteSearchBox.

[3.0.4] #

  • New AddressId enum to identify address which will be updated by `r


  • onDelete function becomes in remove
  • clear function added.


  • Error prevented in getDirections function.


  • relocate function permits to change origin and destination Address using an AddressId and Coords now.

[3.0.3+1] #

  • RouteError enum created to identify errors easly.
  • relocate function added to RouteSearchBox builder to reload origin address.

[3.0.2] #

  • fix issue in AddressSearchBuilder.deft constructor.

[3.0.1] #

  • Function in WaypointsManager added to remove elements in the list of waypoints.

[3.0.0] #

  • BREAKING CHANGES: read documentation is needed. #

[2.1.0+1] #

  • Documentation improved.
  • Better implementation of dart extensions in example.

[2.1.0] #

  • AddressSearchField is called AddressField now.
  • AddressSearchDialog is called AddressDialog now.
  • AddressFieldCtor is called AddressFieldBuilder now.
  • AddressDialogCtor is called AddressDialogBuilder now.
  • RouteSearchBox doesn't have two TextEditingController.
  • AddressField is converted from TextField to a TextFormField.
  • AddressField can use all the TextFormField parameters.
  • FlutterToast looks better in web.

[2.0.1] #

  • Error handling for GeoMethods added.
  • duration and distance values in Directions class casted.
  • updateCoords function in Address class removed.
  • FlutterToast implemented to show info messages.
  • Implement of flutter web support in progress.

[2.0.0+1] #

  • Everything is new, excepting the plugin context. See README.

[1.4.2] #

  • Add explicit dialog context like a parameter in the onDone function.

[1.4.1] #

  • Fix possible bug from useless conditional.

[1.4.0] #

  • Remake of AddressSearchTextField Plugin due to the update of Flutter 1.17 and Dart 2.8
  • LocationService class is now an async static function called initLocationService
  • Updated the for a better explanation of plugin.

[1.3.5+1] #

  • discontinued.

[1.3.5] #

  • The onCleaned function parameter added in AddressSearchTextField and AddressSearchBox.

[1.3.4] #

  • Limiter sufix icon in AddressSearchBox to search for an address removed.
  • The search for an address is optimized.
  • New city, hintText and noResultsText parameters added in AddressSearchTextField and AddressSearchBox.

[1.3.3+2] #

  • A bug when the user selects their reference in AddressSearchBox widget fixed.

[1.3.3] #

  • A barrierDismissible parameter added in AddressSearchTextField.
  • The onEditingComplete and onChanged internal functions in AddressSearchBox adapted to new functionalities.
  • The onDone function is no longer required.

[1.3.2] #

  • sufix icon in AddressSearchBox modified to can limit addresses requests.

[1.3.1] #

  • Limiter to search for an address removed.

[1.3.0+1] #

  • Static method widget removed from AddressSearchTextField, it's a stateless widget now.
  • AddressSearchTextField widget doesn't need context parameter.

[1.2.2] #

  • AddressPoint returns valid latitude and longitude values when found is false.
  • UI issues in AddressSearchBox fixed.

[1.2.1] #

  • Dependency in example app fixed.
  • coordForRef boolean added, if AddressSearchBox finds coordinates by a written reference but not nearby places and the user selects the reference, then those coordinates can be used.

[1.2.0] #

  • Parameter for the controller added to AddressSearchTextField
  • Private _AddressSearch widget is now public and is named AddressSearchBox, it can be used independently.
  • onDone function in AddressSearchBox can now be asynchronous and have a CircularProgressIndicator while it's running.
  • onDone function now doesn't pop the widget, you have to add the code to close it.
  • AddressPoint object has a new method to find an address from passed latitude and longitude values.

[1.1.0] #

  • Optimized
  • Class name changed to AddressSearchTextField
  • country parameter added to AddressPoint object
  • AddressPoint object only has getters for its values

[1.0.0] #

  • Static functions issue fixed.
  • result getter function removed.
  • Callback with result added.
  • parameter for TextStyle added.

[0.1.0+1] #

  • values is named result now.
  • Update documentation.

[0.0.1] #

  • First release.
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An address search field which helps to autocomplete an address by a reference. It can be used to get Directions beetwen two points.

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