endWidth property Null safety

double? endWidth

Specifies the range end width.

You can specify range end width either in logical pixel or radius factor using the sizeUnit property. if sizeUnit is GaugeSizeUnit.factor, value must be given from 0 to 1. Here range end width is calculated by endWidth * axis radius value.

Example: endWidth value is 0.2 and axis radius is 100, range end width is 20(0.2 * 100) logical pixels. If sizeUnit is GaugeSizeUnit.logicalPixel, the defined value is set for the end width of the range.

Defaults to 10 and sizeUnit is GaugeSizeUnit.logicalPixel.

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
   return Container(
       child: SfRadialGauge(
         ranges: <GaugeRange>[GaugeRange(startValue: 50,
         endValue: 100, endWidth: 40)],


final double? endWidth;